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Michaela Tabb, Rachael Abbink

Billiard Television chose the very sexy Michaela Tabb and Rachael Abbink for our lead story. In this video, they talk amongst each other during an exclusive InsidePOOLmag interview. These ladies are two of the sexiest women in cue sports. Michaela Tabb discusses various aspects of cue sports including sportsmanship. The image is 269


Oldest Snooker Video»

I know people like on here like to see classic old clips. Well it doesn’t get much older than this. This clip was filmed sometime circa 1910-1920, maybe earlier. Fairly certain it’s snooker, but it could be some other obscure cue sport. Enjoy.

Jump Shot Tips»

Dean shows us the easy way to jump the ball. DVD Now Available.

Pro Billiards US Open 9-Ball»

Jose Parica, the leader of the Asian invasion, faces off with the Korean Dragon, Charlie Williams. Both players are extremely talented and vialble contenders for the the U.S. Open crown. Who will advance? What was the turning point of the match? Post your comments…

Billiard, Pool, and Snooker Videos

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