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Dr. Cue – Lesson 10 – Cue Ball Control…Lateral (side) Spin

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: APA Videos

Lesson 10: Cue Ball Control…Lateral (side) Spin – The use of “lateral (side) spin” on the cue ball is an advanced technique usually reserved for top players. The cue ball takes on many control issues with “side” spin, plus effects of “squirt” and “curve” are learning steps to success. Understanding “side spin” is a challenge worth conquering

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  1. Added Note: Oyster meant hitting on the CB center horizontal plane i.e. NO bottom spin or top spin. Spin a cue ball with your fingers perfectly horizontally and the ball will never move off that line. There must be some other component involved on the CB to make it travel off the squirt line besides just horizontal spin.

  2. Making the 8 on the break is such a cheap win. This is why I play BCA not APA, APA is for players who cant call their shots and like to play on little tables.

  3. I have had plenty of shots where i use a level que and put left or right on the ball to get around a ball it is just a slight margin i needed to get around, but not possible hitting center. I would never want billardinstruction from you, as you proved to me you have no idea what you are talking about. When you hit the ball it will go off of its path untill the spin can grab the cloth and take the ball where you intended it to go.

  4. You’ve never heard of, flat masse?

  5. “Squirt”, actually called, deflection, is all dependent on the last 6-8 or so inches of the shaft. More mass at the end of the shaft means more deflection. That’s why some players are moving to smaller diameter shafts, to get less deflection.

  6. he should put the ball on motion 🙁

  7. Aww cool! time to play some myspace pool!

  8. HI Tom,
    Oyster Here….!!! One thing to mention to the viewers is that that cue ball will ONLY curve with an elevation on the cue sick. A perfectly level cue will have NO effect on the squirt path.

    Great Stuff!!!

  9. If you master follow, stop, and draw, spin will be tough but worth it with some practice. Spin can make otherwise impossible bank shots possible. Create leaves when there would be none. Cool, up next exotic spin.

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