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Dr. Cue – Lesson 11 – Lateral (Exotic Spin) Applications!

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: APA Videos

Lesson 11: Lateral (Exotic Spin) Applications! – Sometimes a player must maneuver the cue ball in tight quarters or find it necessary to move the cue

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  1. last week i paid $300 on a one piece ash cue in a limited addition case and i havent lost a game with it yet..
    Its not all about the cue, u can spend $10 and make a big difference..
    Confidence around the table has great effect..
    A good table makes great effect and no matter how u hit it on a great table 95% of the time it will do what u want it to..
    I can screw the cue ball the whole length of the table on through confidence.. Now the follow thorough!
    needs to be smooth and consistant


  2. LBos11:
    Concentrate on having a nice, smooth stroke and follow through. Also, pulling the tip of the cue all the way back to your bridge and then PAUSING before pulling the trigger might help.

    Good luck!

  3. You actually see afew snooker players using closed bridge on occation obviously for hightend control

  4. hmmm…. do you know any snooker players that play with a closed bridge? Gotta admit though my stroke is way off so i rarely use open,

  5. so this is golf………

  6. you need to have a good table to do it if people have any difficulty if u have a crap table nw u know y it wont wrk nd u need a fairly good cue to do it asswell im nt sayn $100
    $5o wud do de trick
    according to slimshady

  7. @LBos11: Keep practicing, you’ll get it eventually.

  8. Meaning you’ve never even been in one… ok.

  9. I have lost ZERO!

  10. i tried putting the low right english on it and it didnt come back 🙁 h

  11. Let’s Get This night started!


  12. that was really helpful, i found myself in a situation just like this a few days ago [newyears eve] and i tried to hit with left english… next time i’ll be sure to give this a try

  13. So… how many Trick Shot Championships have you won in your career?

  14. i wish i was this good id get rich off pool. wouldnt even have to have a job hardly haha

  15. Very few professionals have a perfect stroke, that is why they still revert to the use of the closed bridge. I don’t know one situation in which my personal results would be better by using a closed bridge. However, I do like the look of a good closed bridge. It projects a sense of psychological strength. When the pendulum stroke is pure there is no need for the use of this “band-aid”!

  16. thats not true
    im guessing if professsionals use both types
    theres some use to it.
    different types call for different situations

  17. Only with a “bad stroke”! Perfect Stroke – Bridge Type doesn’t matter….!!

  18. The closed bridge affords much more control than the open bridge.

  19. Why the Closed bridge? It’s blocking the camera view down the shot line and sighting.

  20. Your awesome man

  21. It makes it easier to learn contact points if you think about it as numbers on a telephone keypad. 1-high left. 2-high follow. 3-high right. 4-left spin. 5-center small follow. 6-right spin. 7-low left. 8-draw shot. 9-low right.

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