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Dr. Cue – Lesson 13 – Stroke Defined With Speed Practice!

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: APA Videos

The key element for getting in touch with the “throwing motion” of a good stroke is to use a “slow” backswing on the final stroke cycle and combine it with an obvious hesitation before releasing the cue forward to complete the stroke. A great way to practice this technique is to shoot 15 balls at 3 different speeds in a rotating shot pattern. Focused repetition used in the rhythm / fluency for each shot will provide tremendous benefit to your actual performance and your “looking like a pro”. …

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  1. dajcie tłumaczenie po polsku
    xD bo koleś napewno mądre rzeczy mówi

  2. airis ira duhas ir giejus

  3. He said stroke… heh heh

  4. I just started practicing this because I thought that my speed was inconsistent so I started practicing this and I improved very little but was able to put just about 11 balls in out of 15 IN A ROW. Awesome. I’ll practice this more often

  5. That’s done in Lesson 12.

  6. To illustrate the 3 speeds, wouldn’t it be better to show them? Hit a ball to the end rail, then one 2 lengths, then one 3 lenghts?

  7. Thanks again doctor cue. i dont know what i do with out you. lol.

  8. Awesome!
    Very helpful.

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