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Dr. Cue – Lesson 2 – The Stance

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: APA Videos

Lesson 2: The Stance – Placing the body in a proper relation to the shot and aligning the cue stick in a proper relation to the cue ball travel line are essential for consistent results. “Forming that stance” correctly will create balance and stability in preparation for “addressing” the cue ball and taking the shot.

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  1. U then turn to the side and bend over

    How gay did that sound

  2. Its utter bollocks, he’s nowhere near the line of the cue and his chin isn’t on the cue either. Right foot should be in a straight line with the cue if you’re right handed and the opposite if you’re left handed, he’s playing around a corner style stance. Might be good for 9 ball where the pockets are like buckets but an English 8 Ball table or snooker table he’d miss 8 times out of 10.

  3. awesome video..thanks a lot for sharing and uploading!

  4. All importantly, you want a 90° angle in your elbow, with the top part, (humerus), being paralell to the ground, when the cue tip comes in contact withThe leading foot should be an “anchor”, once it’s placed, don’t move it, if you do, stand up, move away, and start over again. [cont’d below]

  5. You also want to get the proper position for the pendular motion of stroking the cue, if you have longer arms, (as someone below this post), you may need to move your hand back some. the cue ball.
    Depending on the shot, you may also want to move your hand forward or backward of the “Sweet spot”, backwards for power, (ie,. break shot), or, forward for touch and accuracy.

  6. That was good. I’ll try the balance point hold. I usually do the far back hold, I thought it was about a person arm length and comfort.

  7. Excellent videos 🙂

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