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Dr. Cue – Lesson 9 – Cue Ball Control…Drawing the Cue Ball!

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: APA Videos

Lesson 9: Cue Ball Control…Drawing the Cue Ball! “Drawing the cue ball” is the first of several advanced techniques for position play. Success in this area requires a very loose “grip” and a firm “bridge”. The cue must accelerate through the cue ball upon impact and the cue must maintain a level plane movement. Drawing is an “art”!

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  1. well it maybe difficult for otheres. 🙂

  2. u are all making like the draw is the impossible shot!! after a few weeks of practise i can do a full table draw easily

  3. its not that difficult tho…

  4. Yeah he is. I watched him in a trick shot tournament and he won 🙂 He’s awesome and passionate. Love how he says, “And that is all of course according to Dr Cue” 🙂

  5. Great stuff. Would be wonderful if you put up lessons about left and right bottom screw back, where the ball pulls back in the opposite direction of the spin.

  6. Dr. Cue, you are the man! Thanks for the advice. At the end of every video I wait to see if you forget to say..”according to Dr. Cue…” But you nail it every time!

  7. ugg, this one is hard. slow mo the vid or get different angles on the cue ball to help us out dr. cue

  8. dr. cue is the man

  9. I’ll have to do these things when I go to the bar.

  10. I don’t know why no one’s commenting! This guys is just so fantastic! WAY TO GO DR. CUE!

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