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How to Play Pool : Three Basic Strokes in the Game of Pool: Online Billiards Lessons for Beginners

By • Nov 5th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Drills, Billiard Pool Snooker Tips, Billiard Tips

Learn the basic strokes in pool and other pool techniques for beginners in this free how to video clip lesson.

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  1. why did he replace the 7 ball with the 5 !!

    stupid move !! he can do it again with the same first ball !! maybe he is the last honest man in the world !

  2. BAHAHAHA MAX15989 cracks me up

  3. i have a pool video too.

  4. Lol wtf… Calm down 😛

  5. is a good information

  6. Bitch please, my balls changes color when I have hard core sex. I’m always having a boner and I need a bitch to fuck. I need to slide my hard sausage down some bitch’s meatwallet until my love mayo splashes all over the place.

  7. ya, i was wondering there.

  8. probably he couldnt by the first time and was too lazy to explain it so he just put the balls once more and success this time….

  9. he needs to make a video on how 2 magically change the color of the balls b4 ur shot…

  10. Lmao. This is the draw shot. It changes the colour of the ball.

  11. ang galing mag-english ng Pinoy! ^^

  12. cuz he missed it the first time and had to set it up again

  13. How did he miss that 7-ball draw ?
    Those three shots are done with ONE stroke.
    Just different tip location.

  14. These vids are related to this topic:
    The Tangent Line – watch?v=JON3QnGu5tU
    Learning the Cue Ball Control – watch?v=OiyXl8SpPeg&feature=related

    Thumbs up for taking the time to make this vid 🙂

  15. why the colour of the last ball changed, just before he was going to stroke it??

  16. i know i’m only a novice, I’ve been watching professionals on espn and they have different strokes. “Whatever floats your boat” probably you have one “good” way of stroking, but different people, different or various techniques.

  17. There is ONLY one stroke in the Cueing Arts…NOT 3! One perfect stroke will deliver the cue ball anywhere with different tip placements on the CB. You also need lots of work on that bridge. Closed bridge is a “band-aid” for a BAD stroke.

  18. Lol on tip three its not him taking it it switches watch at 2:18 and ull see it switches >:) but so what he couldnt take the shot Great Tips Keep Up The Good Work!

  19. I love the Steve Oedekerk reference. Well done! 😉

  20. turn black into orange draw shot LOL

  21. well that was take 2 if thats how long it takes him to get the right shot I will own him in the game of pool!!!

  22. ive got an important game 2 moz will take these tips into consideration – thanks

  23. AHAHAHA! Amazing!

  24. wow your amazing

  25. I don’t know how these handsome men actually make their shots. I just like staring at their wonderful form and masculinity as they shoot at those colored balls!

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