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Learn to Jump Balls (1 of 2) – Pool / Billiards Tom Simpson

By • Oct 24th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Tips

BCA Master Billiards Instructor Tom Simpson gives a brief demo of standard “dart method” ball-jumping technique for short & high jumps. Video #2 (also on YouTube) shows you how to use the “pendulum” method for long & low jumps.

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  1. You don’t see masse often because it’s very hard to be accurate with it. When there is a ball in your way and it’s nearby, jumping makes sense. When the obstacle is further away, or you just need to clear an edge, (elevating your stick and) curving the CB around the blocker is more reasonable.

  2. Actually now that I think about jump shots with professional billiards, I now it’s been forever (if I ever have) seen someone masse the cueball around to hit the target ball. Honestly it probably does make more sense to go for a bank since masses are difficult to precisely control (I can hit the ball, but what’s going to be left for my opponent). But before jump shots were made more popular did anyone ever masse it when they were screwed? I’m just curious since I never see it in action.

  3. I felt that way too, in the mid-90’s, when the very short jump cues appeared. They gave a ridiculous advantage. However, since they were legal, you had to have the tool and the skills in order to keep a level playing field. Same today, but at least now, with the equipment restrictions governing jump cues, it takes some skill. If it’s legal to jump and it’s legal to use a Stinger (it is), you’re cheating yourself if you don’t take full advantage. This is why we have rules & regs – to set limits.

  4. you are cheating if you use a jumpcue! that takes away from great safety play, as anyone can get the cueball up and down very fast, to get out of a great safety. and it takes away the skill of a person who has honed his skills using his playing cue to jump! whoever disagrees with this, is not a true player, and don’t understand the game! burn your cheatcue if you have one!

  5. Great Stuff Tom…”Knowledge is Power!”

  6. easy to follow and use procedure

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