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By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

World Premier Leader in Billiard Instruction Master Instructor The “Australian Oyster” video analysis answer to question “Elbow dropping during stoke”?

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  1. Pocketpride – More Analysis?? Hmmm! Whatever! Anyway, how is it that I have not dropped my elbow a smidgen in 9+ years and stroke perfectly according to catapult pendulum science and kinesiology?
    Please explain in scientific terms why you feel the elbow needs to drop, even a little? Video would be great. I’ll look for it.
    Good Luck!

  2. I agree with MrCue here below. Off course the elbow needs to drop but the question is how far. Even snooker players withe extreme good quality strokes do drop their elbow a bit.

    The question is how much should it drop. Needless to say you shouldn’t exaggerate the drop but a little bit is indispensable. How else would you have a nice follow through during your stroke??

    The maker of this video should do more analysis of strokes of pro snooker and pool players

  3. One… Mr Cue Sport has no clue what he’s talking about. Two… What the hell is this guy wearing, he looks like a damn cheerleader.

  4. Tim:

    Question: Should the elbow drop at ALL during the stroke?

    The answer is obviously YES.

    The elbow should drop and needs to drop in the stroke. Here’s why:

    1) The elbow needs to drop to keep the cue on a horizontal plane throughout, if the elbow is ‘frozen’ then it is impossible for the cue to be kept on a single plane and the butt will rise as you draw the cue back on the backswing. The elbow will then be a hinge and the cueing hand will be in the motion of drawing a semi-circle.

  5. very helpful to a beginning player

  6. WOW! You are so right! The knowledge you show here is absolutely amazing. Crystal clear and makes perfect sense. Love the black and white room. Great choice of wardrobe and I SEE the reasoning behind it. Thank you very much! You are Awesome!

  7. It is very obvious that you clearly know and are passionate about what you are teaching. Fantastic analysis! Golf schools could sure use your teaching expertise explaining golf this way. Your talent is a gift!

  8. Great Video, Well Done!

  9. PREMIUM KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! When your brain understands kinesiology of the physical mechanics in the stroke, it will send the correct signal to the specific muscle groups in perfect harmony.

  10. Any good drill to ensure the elbow doesn’t drop? Thanks in advance

  11. This is a great video.

  12. This video is great for correcting problems regarding the physical part of the game. I had to pay good money to get this lesson when I should have just came on YouTube. Anyway, it’s another pearl from the A.O.

    Willie Rubin

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