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Willie Mosconi 1987 Billiards Expo Trick Shots

By • Oct 25th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Trick Shots

Willie Mosconi was in Amana, Iowa in early 1987 for a convention of appliance dealers. This demonstration of his abilities was during a cocktail party.

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  1. the best there ever was.

  2. wonder what that cue is?
    a rambow maybe?

  3. In between 2 matches of 150 points each, against the 2 best local area amateurs, I once had the pleasure of accompanying my dad and cousin to have dinner with Mr. Mosconi. He was such a classy guy and a gentleman! During dinner, he had a couple of vodka martini’s. My dad playfully teased him that it might affect his 2nd match. Willie smiled. Great memories!…. Oh, by the way, the score in each of those matches? 150 to 0! Willie ran out in each match! Incredible talent! Incredible focus!

  4. Back in the 30s ol’ Willie and I used to play for a dime a game. I used to take him to school I tell ya. Never could hang with me on the pool table. That was back when the tables were 10′ instead of those girly 9 footers they got nowadays. Willie, he used to try to get me to turn pro, but I wasn’t interested in all the travling. I was happy enough just to beat up on ol’ Willie whenever he’d come back to town. Them was the good ol’ days…

  5. I agree with 1more4theroad,I’ve seem Willie Mosconi play several times,he was the best I have ever seen.I never saw Greenleaf play,Mosconi came after him,his high run of 543 balls is a record.

    Pure class 100%,I believe his wife is still living,possibly in NJ

  6. The man was all class. I wrote to him, requesting an autograph since he was my idol and I coult not get away to see him. Mr. Mosconi sent an autographed 8 x 10 made out to me, using his personal address as the return address. He included a program from a recent dinner show where he and others performed. The program was full of autographs made out to me, not just from Willie, but from other pro players as well! What a legend…at and away from the table! None will ever come close…none!!

  7. that “left side pocket” trick shot was total class… great posting here

  8. he taught newman how to shoot, not gleason.

  9. i love this man. he is the best of the best. he new dad…and showed gleasen how to play pool.

  10. hes the master of masters

  11. this is so cool. my best friend is his great great nephew! yet i never knew how famous he really was…

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