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1987 Willie Mosconi Billiards Pro & Golfer JoAnne Carner

By • Sep 13th, 2008 • Category: Cue Sport Events, Pool Tournament Videos

This was recorded in Amana, Iowa during the 1987 Amana ProAm Golf tournament. Plenty of stars were on hand for this event. Willie Mosconi is shown here in rather impromptu demo of his pool shooting expertise. Enjoy & God bless you.

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  1. Back in the 30s ol’ Willie and I used to play for a dime a game. I used to take him to school I tell ya. Never could hang with me on the pool table. That was back when the tables were 10′ instead of those girly 9 footers they got nowadays. Willie, he used to try to get me to turn pro, but I wasn’t interested in all the travling. I was happy enough just to beat up on ol’ Willie whenever he’d come back to town. Them was the good ol’ days…

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