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By • Aug 31st, 2008 • Category: Cue Sport Events, Snooker Videos

Snooker – 10.02.2008 – The match was over, but the show now begins… enjoy real snooker entertainment 😉

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  1. Do someone know how old are Ken and Neil ?

  2. if there was more of this snooker would still be the number 1 sport. i mean come on if your 4-1 behind why not have a bit of fun

  3. nice frame of snooker without pressure

  4. Ken Doherty is a true show man

  5. lol michaela smilin like a horse at 0:15

  6. I watched this live it was really funny.
    Nice to see the players having a laugh.
    Some of the players carried on playing seriously in this event even though there was no need as they were already out!

  7. Omg goddamn funny! It’s nice to see something like this!

  8. I die! SOOO FUNNY! Well done Ken and Neil!

  9. yes, why not sometimes some exhebition shots or frames? 😉

  10. haha so funny to see Ken play much beter with no pressure

  11. this is the first snooker video ive seen where players actually enjoy themselves playing the game lol

  12. hahaha, Mrs. Michaela (the referee) sure has a funny laugh 😀

  13. You uploaded(and are still uploading) some great things so keep going, should be good stuff with those flukes Allister Carter had against Shaun Murphy yesterday 😀 If I see a great shot I will write it down aswell, I haven’t missed a single session on the BBC so far ^^

  14. and by the way I had over 150 snooker videos and 99% of them I uploaded with “99 MB”. (At this time u could upload more than 99MB).
    And so it was only S_H_I_T that youtube banned me.. . Or better the BBC!

    My next video will be a snooker-fluke compilation of this WC 2008 in the crucible theatre ;).

    U know, Im recording nearly all frames played by the players and if a fluke happens or a gr8 shot a anything like that I write this on a paper and in some weeks I will upload it here. 😉 cya!

  15. absolutely correct! My old account’s name was “kasusknaktus”, but I was banned than (its now 5 month ago) for using violation in my videos!! But I think the real reason was that the BBC thought maybe that I had uploaded too much snooker videos or some rare videos that I shouldnt upload .. or anything like that.

    Now I wont do this misstake again an so I will upload only snooker compilations or other myself done videos. And not every good played snooker frame how I did it with my old account.

  16. As I can’t speak German as well as I can read it: Thank you for posting this. It’s nice that these even-framed matches offer chances for frames like this. So hilarious to hear Miss Tabb laughing at Ken like he’s some idiot when he screws up the screwshot.

    Was your old account kasusknaktus or something like that, by the way?

  17. Superb Opener Shot

  18. Yeh but what about the war,eh?

  19. a littl german to talk feels good 😉 hehehe tx

  20. Ist schon ok, aber ich finde es schade (wie ich unten ja schon mal geschrieben habe) dass Ronnie eben net nur sehr gut spielt (siehe China Open)… naja wir werden sehen wer WM wird 🙂

  21. Hehehe yeah, funny as hell 😀 Also how Ken is rushing Michaela Tabb (like Ronnie does every game :)) and her hearty laughter as he screwed up that one shot 🙂 Love to see snooker player enjoying themselves that much

    snookasus: Danke, dass du das Video mit uns teilst 😉

    snookasus & AlinaMalin92:
    Neil vs. Ronnie in Finale w

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