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Bill Bailey – The Snooker Song

By • Oct 9th, 2008 • Category: Cue Sports Comedy, Entertaining Billiard Videos

Bill tells us why the World Championship Snooker theme tune is one of the most overlooked themes for major cult status

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  1. no actually 155 is the maximum break in snooker.

  2. hell no! hes a comedian…its a joke

  3. For such a great riff, it’s really rare to find a decent tab!

  4. is that true about nirvana? i’m never buying one of their albums again.

  5. I was just showing some wit and I thank the people who gave positive ratings but you went too far djdogjuam!

  6. you clearly show me you got no friends djdogjuam

  7. lol, i kno…………….and ur the smelliest person on earth EVER (new worse comment ever)

  8. dude… thats is like the most imature and crap insult EVER

  9. smells like ur arse

  10. Yeah it took me some working out before I got it!

  11. oh. fuck lol! thats mental

  12. 147 is the maximum break in Snooker

  13. cosmic jam was nowhere NEAR as good as part troll

  14. WTF? what’s so good at 1:47?

  15. ‘Smells Like Teen Snooker’ Brilliant!!

  16. Did you cut this to 1 minute 47 on purpose? Because I love it if you did. I am also hoping that Bill Bailey specifically wrote his sketch to fit into 1:47.

  17. i love this

  18. I think it’s really taking the piss to be honest. It would be a bit unlikely for him to be full of himself at this point in his career as this was the first thing he did which was really successful.

  19. The original song is great. It is by DOUG WOOD and is called “DRAG RACER”. Very funny Bill.

  20. in cosmic jam hes a bit full of himself having the little BB on his shirt

  21. bloody funny!

  22. not too sure about the amateur transplants but with weird al that would kick ass!

  23. Bill Bailey collaborating with Al Yankovic AND the Amateur Transplants, anyone?

  24. ahhh forget it lol

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