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Corey Deuel What’s in the Case

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Inside Pool Videos

Samm Diep speaks with Corey Deuel and finds out What’s in the Case. See more at

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  1. The two games are VASTLY different. Why do you losers always insist on comparing? In fact, why are u even watching this?

  2. nice shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!

  3. some one dosent have a girl friend because u have a lot of time loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is what i think of u loser

  4. accessory boy

  5. i wonder why a lot of pros dont have wraps on their cues..

  6. calm down, its a question

  7. that’s when the ad comes up… pretty simple to figure it out.

  8. What does the yellow line mean, under the red timeline on youtube videos?

  9. god, this presenter does really well to make this seem interesting.

    corey deuel is boring as fuck . lol


  11. Personal preference there, knock yourself out. Chasing after girls half my age with no tits and no ass just isn’t for me. Have fun at Valley Forge.

  12. man your sick in your head. Samm is fine, I hope i run across her at Valley Forge this year, I’ll let her know how wrong you are.

  13. I started using the SniperII Break Jump Cue last summer, best ever by far

  14. play snooker, proper game not the kiddies pool shit

  15. siufjeujbefvufvdcvhcxicjnvdiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  16. i agree, she’s not very attractive at all. would take alot to kiss her

  17. just throw it around a lil bit just wat ever u wanna do! lol

  18. kiss her? shes disgusting

  19. Hahaha..
    I had an Elkmaster tip on my Joss about a month ago, now I’m using a Moori III. But I still like Elkmaster, they hold chalk very well!

  20. hmm didn’t know he shot with a predator z shaft… I always thought he had a standard hard maple shaft… I used to shoot with a predator shaft, I eventually went back to standard and don’t regret it at all.. took a while to adjust but I’ve never shot better than I am now… predator is a good shaft, and it makes moving around the table very effortless which allows you to focus more on making the ball, but its just a matter of personal preference

  21. I wouldve showed her my stick.

  22. hmmmm….
    I thought I was the only person in the world to still use ElkMaster.

  23. He should have kissed her.

  24. i just love that jack justis case. the man is a wonder with leather

  25. I got some cues for sale

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