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Jasmin Ouschan at Generation Pool

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Inside Pool Videos

Jasmin Ouschan at with Vanessa de la Cuetara. See more at

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  1. vanessa is so lucky that she get’s to touch jasmin when she’s interviewing her.
    i really envy her.
    one time at a tournament, i touched jasmin lovingly on the shoulder and she knocked me out “cold” with one punch.
    now the judge told me i have to stay 500 ft away from her.
    i have made a necklace with my tooth on it, i will wear it forever.

  2. hot and plays lights out, I might add

  3. Yeah I agree, she is definitely hot. I really like her accent as well.

  4. Jasmin Ouschan is so amazingly hot!!!

  5. I am so sure that jasmin ouschan will be the next allison fisher, i mean, she going a be a world pool champion, and many times. that is what i believe.

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