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VA State 9-Ball Championship 2008

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Inside Pool Videos

2008 VA State 9-Ball Championship Final featuring Eric Moore and Brandon Shuff. The tournament was played at Playing Field in Richmond, VA. See more at

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  1. yo i dont need no boys ill go alone take on all your boys

  2. Wow, half their budgets must go to chalk xD

  3. hey new yorker , see if ny tony wants to play clatterbuck again this year. give him a chance to win his 5 grand back lol

  4. i have a brunswick gold crown 3 ill sell with a diamond light for 2400

  5. typical big mouth from ny. well bring your boys to pa march19th and lets see them play barndon shuff or matt clatterbuck. super billiard expo, you ever heard of it ???

  6. how did they get that much time on one video??

  7. does the ref really need to wear a striped shirt? lol

    I’m half expecting him to blow a whistle on a scratch

  8. A high-level nine ball player will try to break and run the table without letting their opponent come to the table for an inning. A great break will see at least one ball go down, a minimum of clusters and good position on the low ball. many players will try to leave the cue ball near the center of the table to maximize their chances of having a viable shot. Also sometimes you can sink the 9 off the break and win like that.

  9. ah i see
    thnx ^^

  10. “why do they break so hard”
    Good players pot on the break more often than they dont. Doing a “snooker break” when playing pool is statistically not a very good tactic.

  11. why do they break so hard
    why dnt they break softly nd let the other person make a mistake

  12. wers va are you retarded

  13. Just watch it from 10 mins and on.

  14. good players but just stay in va cause here in ny you will get spanked bro

  15. well i made it about half way though I think thats it for me though

  16. anyone talkin crap about these guys didnt make it past the 10 minute mark,,,,They really turn it on, great playing!!

  17. This video is huge but great playing guys

  18. oh my god…so longe!!!!

  19. holy s** this video is HUGE

  20. damn this is long video

  21. How much would a pool table exactly the same but not as fine wood and all that crap…just the replica of it with cheap word or something US money?

  22. both of you players should never come to Atlanta,GA you would be giving your money away

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