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Wii billiards custom cue

By • Aug 31st, 2008 • Category: Billiards and Snooker Video Games

I made a custom cue together with my friend to play Wii Billiards more properly.

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  1. Billiards (snooker in particular) is in fact one of my hobby’s :p

  2. Go out and play some real billiards..

  3. he probably wont get much more use out of that tv after he puts that dumb wii broomstick through it lol

  4. good work man, but use it on a little table to aim and you ‘ll get much more satisfaction ; )

  5. Got to admire this guy’s ingenuity although he really ought to get his skills together!

  6. hey silver if he does do a shot gun hes never gonna use that tv again

  7. next thing you know he’ll be strapping the remote to a shotgun to play duck hunt…

  8. You still suck. Nice try. 🙂

  9. seems like a semi-good idea…. i mean its not like i can go to a bar and play pool… there’s no where around where i live for kids to play.. and it sucks.. seems like this would be the next best thing.

  10. i play pool down the pub *hint hint* seems like you have been drinking to much of it

  11. i perfer just going to a billiards myself.

  12. You should be Q’in on a small table so that you are not holding the Q-stick in mid-air. That would make it a lot more “real”.

  13. kinda getto, but it works

  14. awesome idea might try oit on wii sporst with tennis racket

  15. Koel filmpje! Good thinking, but I’d make the cue a little bit shorter for the tv’s sake 😉

  16. Lol nice movie! Custom mock-ups for the win. Thanks for the news submit 😉

  17. He’s going to poke a hole in his TV with that cue shtick.


  19. Lmao, Thats awesome

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