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World Snooker Championship 2007 Trailer

By • Sep 13th, 2008 • Category: Billiards and Snooker Video Games

The official trailer for the video game World Snooker Championship 2007.

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  1. thats right
    i disliked the 2005 version and the 2007 version could be much more better
    i hope the 2008 version will be nice

  2. The thing that disapoints me about this game is the fact the ball physics aren’t very realistic, the bounce off the cushion in particular is unrealistic, I notice that you have to hit the ball mega hard just to play a safety! lol the cushions seem to take a lot of speed out of the cueball whereas in real life they are much more bouncy.

  3. It’s World Snooker Championship 2007 for XBOX 360,PS2 and PS3 but it’s World Snooker Challenge for the PSP but i’ts a great game for PSP that’s what i’ve got!!

  4. Yeah, this game is pretty difficult. I the reason that your’re not number 1 is the way the snooker rankings system works, But the fact on this game the rankings system is inaccurate may be another factor.

  5. Check out Graham Dott’s bridge at 1:48 lol!
    This game is not excellent (partially due to the high difficulty factor) however I have got a 147. I have played 2 full seasons and have never lost a match but I am only ranked 17th – Can anybody tell me why?

  6. can i play vs. my brother on the same ps3 box. 😛

  7. snooker games will always be good but this is so fucking hard if you make one mistake thats the frame gone.

  8. OMG! i just got it on my psp only i need to download it cause it’s saved on a cd! cant wait to play it!

  9. Ive got the game for ps2 and i really, really need to know how you play as the pros in versus mode, and what you have to do to unlock them.. please someone help!!

  10. does any one know where to download any on the versions of these. e.g 2005 snd me lnks if any one has got any.

  11. how do you play as the top players like ronnie, and is there a 2 player setting?

  12. this vid looks like the shittest tihng ever

  13. when i played this a few weeks a go i was bored shitless after 5 minutes, one of the worst games ive ever played

  14. 2004 PC version is BY Far the best.

  15. dude, my highest was 120 on 2005 version that included 15 reds, 15 blacks, but lost position on the yellow!

  16. i got 1 time a 147 on world championship snooker 2003

  17. I believe 2005 is the better version!! because on 2005 i got 100 breaks left right and centre but on this 1 i keep on breaking (mind the pun) down on about 50 which again the pro’s on tournement level i keep on losing!!

  18. A total abortion of a game. The 2004 one is the best in the series.

  19. I got this game but when i start up it says *initialising controller-please insert controller* when i DO have a controller in and it works perfectly on other games…. Anyone know why? PM me please!

  20. yh i got a 147 easy lol not well ard but great game init

  21. excellent game i got it on the XBOX360 superb action, fantastic screen shots, not like any other snooker/pool games…this one you do have to work out your angles and cue ball placement for each shot. Really recommend it to all. You can also have some great laughs playing your mates at the pool competitions

  22. Has anybody ever got a 147 on any of these games? The highest break I have ever managed is 129.

  23. i have in on My PSP Cracking game

  24. No PC version… …

  25. ive got it on ps3 graficks good very

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