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1999 Derby City One Pocket Efren Reyes vs. Tang Hoa part1 RACK2 1/2

By • Apr 3rd, 2010 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos

1999 Derby City One Pocket(Finals)

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  1. That’s not “danny.” It’s Billy Incardona. There’s no hostility.

  2. Tang was seriously fucking up.

  3. the commentators are grady mathews and billy incardona not danny. more one pocket please!!!

  4. Me too. “So what did you have in mind (if you think your so good…)”

  5. I quite like the commentators, better than Chinese at any rate ha!

  6. I never have liked these 2 as announcers. One can’t keep track of the score, and the other one is an argumentative prick.

    Thank you for posting more One Pocket action. We all appreciate it very much.

  7. I just wish Pool and Billiard can be more publiside and advertised
    Pool Billiard snooker should be on the same level or standard as Golf sport and Tenis given same plartform and exposure our sport is the best a man can play I love pool.

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