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Billiards – Danik Lucas making a 223 Break

By • Oct 23rd, 2008 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos

QLD’s Danik Lucas makes a 223 break in the QBSA Premier League Billiars FINAL against Chee Yap.

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  1. What an awesome break 🙂

    The thing that I liked about this video is, from the beginning, I would call out what the next shot would be, to test my knowledge on shot selection and there were a few times at the top of the table, where a drop cannon was played, instead of an extra pot red, but I guess that’s just how I would’ve played it 🙂

    Thank you for uploading this and I hope to see more great breaks like this 🙂

    Top rating always 🙂

  2. Is it possible that he didn’t see the yellow going in-off? Maybe he saw the cannon and forgot to see the yellow going in? I think the break didn’t go wrong there, it went wrong at 203/206. On 203, he didn’t get out far enough with his cueball to play the cannon off the top cushion and be on the red as he had done quite a few times before. Then, on 206, he was too straight to play the cannon effectively, and couldn’t screw back to improve the angle for the red. At least he left a double baulk.

  3. basic rules are …pot red,in off red,in off white,cannon(cue ball hits red and other ball in the same stroke)if the other persons ball go’s in its lost till he plays again.

  4. what are the basic rules?

  5. He is a great player?….. Man does this guy know how to play.Unfortunately the yellow went in,and yes it was the wrong shot but these things happen anyways whatever said and done it was a nice break of good calibre. RauZan

  6. awesome.
    he beat steve mifsud. must be pretty damn special
    how old is he?

  7. i think danik would have had a multitude of reasons for taking that shot. so i wouldnt say it was the wrong shot unless you find out why he played it.

  8. English Billiards, on an English Billiards (Snooker) table.

  9. yes i agree great player, but the shot was the long in off into top pocket yellow behind the red spot and then pot red into middle and continue top of the table play,but still a great break

  10. Its called “Billiards”. Pots, cannons & in offs..

  11. this might sound dumb, but what the hell game are they playing, i don’t get it

  12. Yep class player, top shot 2 go in off the the yellow mid table & put it behind the spot. Never heard of this bloke b4 c in this?? Looks good enough 2b mixin it with the top players..??

  13. Very nice break. The “Top of the table”, part is just amazing. Very unlucky when he potted the yellow.

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