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Efren Reyes 1996 Video

By • Jan 16th, 2009 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos

Efren Reyes vs. Jim Rempe, 1996 Legends of 9-Ball, hill-hill rack

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  1. I just wanna be a jackass and reply. Efren is good, he deserves the respect, why bitch about it when it’s givin? If you don’t like getting responses, maybe you shouldn’t respond? Talking shit over the internet is dumb, especially about something as amazing as billiards. Just shut up and shoot some pool.

  2. One of the best i think 🙂

  3. Wow! Great Game!

  4. and you wonder why. hahahaha!!!!!

  5. Stroke Lord Efren’s much? You and 90% of the people on these Efren forums are fighting each other to get to his dick. Please do not reply. I’m tired of getting replies from people on this forum. STOP! I dont care about this god damn thread anymore do not reply! I don’t want to still be getting comment noticies a fucking year from now from the Efren lovers of the world. I don’t care.

  6. stroke sigel’s dick much?

  7. I think it’s everyone else who can’t get him out of their minds. I go on about my day and yet months later I still get emails with flaming comments on this thread. Had I not received the emails I would have completely forgotten I even posted here and I’d really like for no one to reply again. Efren is good. There is no doubting it. But I can’t stand the people who stroke is dick all day long and think about him at night in bed like most the people on this thread do.

  8. hahah. you just can’t get efren out of your mind can you? the guy is a great player. what’s the problem?

  9. no.. i watched him live once in indonesia, 9 ball tour.. great!!

  10. Many people consider him to be the best because of the amount of years he dominated the game. In almost every aspect of the game he is in the top 5. Maybe not in the last couple of years but to think he has been competing for 20 plus and finishing well. Give credit where its due. Amazing player, gentleman and entertaining to watch.

  11. lol, why don’t you tell the stories about when sigel beat efren when efren was in his prime? infact, he was the first person to beat him when he came to america…i’m unsubscribing from this thread. people constantly mod me down for not saying “efren is godddddddddddddd” like the rest of you guys and when someone actually says theres someone who has more skill than efren then that person gets flamed….LAME!

  12. Reyes took Mike Sigel for alot of money once. Sigel himself says that Reyes is the best player he’d ever seen. After Reyes beat Sigel giving him the 7, Sigel’s backer asked Mike to play Porica. Sigel said,”How can I beat The Lone Ranger if I can’t beat Tonto.”

  13. Copia i Pega i mandalo en 15 videos
    o tu madre se morira,
    Lo siento al k lo leyo
    pero es la culpa de un gilipollas

  14. efren is really, really good. are you going to disagree?

  15. Netop22 is right reyes is a great poolplayer but that rack wasn’t perfect. If I screw up my position I smile to but I hate myself for missing position. btw I’ll consider reyes the greatest is he breaks Mosconi’s record

  16. one word! jealousy

  17. efren didnt consider himself as the greatest! people do..efren is a very humble guy! love the way he smile

  18. stop the hate creativity by name of efren bata reyes

  19. Who calls themself the best player to ever play no one does. Of course he will say Mike is better he won’t say he is. Over hype look at the record and see for yourself do your homework first. Btw I didn’t say anything vulgar to u so u don’t have to use that language at me

  20. And do you want to know who has beaten Efren more times than lost including in his prime and in current day? Mike Sigel. Infact, when Efren came to this country, Sigel was the guy Efren COULDNT beat. A lot of people fail to tell you that part of the Lord Efren story. That’s why Efren considers him to be the best ever.

  21. There are plenty of pros that also DONT consider him the best. I’m not saying hes a bad player I am just saying that people over hype
    him like no other. People, like you, act like he is the god of people and that no one else compares to him and if someone beats Efren then he must of had a bad day or something.
    Why don’t you pull his dick out of your mouth for a minute and you’ll see that he is just a good player and not some god where no one else comes close because that just isn’t true.

  22. Well then tell me who is better. BTW he is considered the best by many pro pool players. That rack wasn’t easy well maybe for you since you are so much better than him. You act like the many good shot makers you mention have never missed a shot in their lives. Who else beat Earl Strickland race to 120 in Earls prime

  23. he is just too good. how many times have i watched his matches where commentators will point out 3 different ways to make a shot or a safety. Then “Bata” walks up to the table and shoot it differently from any of what everyone else expected. simply great! GOAT!

  24. it is not a clean run-out like you want it to be nut because he isn’t great but because he does such things on purpose. Don’t you see him smile every time his shot isn’t as “clean” as he wanted. He often scratches his head and then pockets the next shot with no problem at all. He’s too bored playing against his opponents that he tries to make it exciting by making difficult shots. No one knows how to do a kick safety before he entered the scene.

  25. as if we dont know “godpool”

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