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Gackt (02.06.24) HEYx3 Billiards (UNRELEASED SCENES) 1 of 8

By • Oct 24th, 2008 • Category: Entertaining Billiard Videos, Pool Tournament Videos

INCLUDES UNRELEASED SCENES! Part 1 of 8. The heyx3 billiards game everyone is familiar with only shows the very last game Gackt played with Matsumoto. This video is the whole episode which includes the two other games they have played (in which Matsumoto actually won one) and other scenes that were not uploaded.

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  1. Wow every single word that came out of ur mouths is a swear. Can you not reword your words so they are nicer. Sheesh! I like gackt and I like him cuz hes a positive rolemodel, hes got great music and hes a human being like everyone else. If no one can appreciate that and sit there arguing whether hes plastic or not then you guys shouldn’t have the right to call yourselves fan girls or fan fans of whatever. Please Lets not fight, this is just my opinion!! Please be nicer too. thanks.

  2. Wow, your maturity levels are immense.
    Open your mind a little and embrace diversity, Gackt may be plastic, but he is a very talented man, its not the looks that matter anyway I don’t know why people care so much about his appearance (this ones directed at the so called fangirls.)
    Please stop the slander, if you have nothing nice to say just dont say it, go back to listening to your most excellent dir en grey music (is a big fan btw) and leave everyone else who genuinly likes Gackt to enjoy

  3. This isn’t a fight, this is something for me to giggle at when I’m bored.

    Fangirls don’t fight, they get bitched.

    Oh, and on every post, you’ve broken down, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were crying while typing that.

    Leech hole? I live in a house 🙂 A Nice one too 🙂

    Obviously melty face gackt lives in a far nicer one, but at least I don’t have 5 changeable faces.


  4. Your a fucking child! I don’t like mcr anymore but i can’t change my fucking name and still keep this fucking account. You just leave me alone leave Gackt alone and stop fucking calling me a fangirl. I’m not a fucking fangirl. and you can’t fucking call me ugly if youve nvr fucking seen a fucking picture of me. This fucking fight can go on forever i will NOT be broken down. Why don’t you just go crawl back into the fucking leech hole you came from and leave REAL gackt fans alone

  5. “Gackt-san, the most beautiful CHALLLENGERRRR”

  6. I like his music and his melty lyrics. Oh sorry, I meant melty face.

    Go back to loving MCR and stay the fuck away from decent music, emo kid fangirl. You guys are ruining it.


  7. How are you going to fucking say that you are his fan and then fucking insult him like that? He does not look like a doll. And I am mad. Just lay the fuck off and don’t falsely call others fangirls. I’m not in the fucking mood to deal with your fucking crap

  8. It was his choice to look like a doll 🙂
    You seem angry, better not get too close to him before the heat you’re giving off makes him melt.

    Although, that’d be funny.

  9. I’m not a fucking fangirl! I just don’t fucking appreciate when ppl make rude comments. *mocking* Too bad it’s all plastic surgery. A real fan would not say that! There are nicer and more respectful ways to say it. Imagine going up to Gackt and saying that to him. How would he react? Not well. I know he has plastic surgery… i face that fact too. I don’t live in a frilly little pink fangirl world.
    YOU just keep ur mouth shut before you tell ppl what they are you bitch.

  10. Shut the hell up fangirl, I’m a Gackt fan, I just face reality unlike you do in your silly little fangirl world you and all your other little fangirl culture freaks live in.

    Was that harsh?

  11. Look if you don’t like him then don’t comment on his vids. Thats really annoying when ppl do that

  12. You may think he was ugly, but that’s just your opinion. There’s thousands of fans, both male and female, who think he was good lookin before his surgery.

    But, whatever floats your boat. I still think he was and is gorgeous. :]

  13. Oh I’m sorry, did I hurt all the fangirls by offending your little plastic man?

  14. No, he was actually ugly as hell.

  15. Hey, even before his surgery Gackt was gorgeous. He’s just one of those that his beauty shines through always.

  16. its like my 2 favorite people, gackt and matsumoto. this is too great 🙂

  17. Too bad it’s all plastic surgery.

  18. LMAO @ Matsumoto’s entrance, the DownTown crew are hardcore hilarious.

  19. OMG, GACKT’S SO F****** SEXY!

  20. dude, gackt is like the most beautiful man i have ever seen!! kyaa~~

  21. Yes,he said that.

  22. did the announcer say “the most beautiful challenger” when he was announcing gackt? it sure frickin sounded like it…and i would whole-heartedly agree…

  23. Ah, I could only concentrate on the tiny bit of paper that stuck on his right shoulder, wanted to wipe it away the whole time^+_+

  24. OMG!! Gackt look so hot coming up on that thing!! and bringing his own stuff!!!

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