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Gackt (02.06.24) HEYx3 Billiards (UNRELEASED SCENES) 6 of 8

By • Oct 24th, 2008 • Category: Entertaining Billiard Videos, Pool Tournament Videos

INCLUDES UNRELEASED SCENES! Part 6 of 8. The heyx3 billiards game everyone is familiar with only shows the very last game Gackt played with Matsumoto. This video is the whole episode which includes the two other games they have played (in which Matsumoto actually won one) and other scenes that were not uploaded.

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  1. I know, me too! My Grandpa tried teaching me but he’s not as fun as Gackt and Matsumoto ^^

  2. I love how he always ends up doing the opposite of what he wants, but still manages to get a ball in! He sprawls all out on the pool table, I wish I was the pool table XD(ok, a little naughty, hehe)

  3. just from watching this i feel as if i’m learning to play billards

  4. he! thanks for the upload
    and the rest of the video? o.o

  5. love it too^^


  7. omg thanks for the upload. i love it!!!! 😀

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