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Pro Billiards U.S. Open 9-Ball Immonen vs. Archer

By • Oct 9th, 2008 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos

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What’s not to like about this match? Two former World Champions, Mika Immonen and Johnny Archer go toe to toe.

What was the turning point of the match? Post your comments…

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  1. archer is good

  2. Archer made some mistakes but his speed is so good he can get out of trouble. his mistakes were understandable though, tough situations, big room for error. Mika is great too, always there at the top. I’ve seemn him play, solid pocketing.

  3. immonen’s still the coolest in my book, I watch him play in Amsterdam all the time, excellent player,always runs out, has people racking for him from start to finish

  4. The pockets are alot smaller but the balls are also bigger, as a Snooker and Pool player I say that Snooker is harder to aim to, but when you are losing postitioning in snooker it isn’t really a problem. But, in pool you can’t lose positioning then you’ll srewed. So… There are differences but both games isn’t easy to play.

  5. fu**in’ hell. i really hate that “i have been into snooker or other cuesport and when i look at these 9-ball players i just have to comment how big the pockets are and how easy is to play. p.s. i’m gay” shit.

  6. ??~????????w


  7. Thanks for posting this video BCLUB TV. This is a great match. Immonen vs Archer, sweet.

  8. snooker= smaller balls, smaller cues and smaller pockets
    pool= bigger balls, bigger cues and bigger pockets


    people arguing for that above= motherfuckers

  9. Actually, the balls need different colours due to the nature of the game, which has nothing to do with the attention span of north americans. why are you so angry? why does it bother you so much that people play a different game than you? you do know that many different situations arise in the game of 9-ball that require the type of pockets that are on a 9 foot table? i bet if you were to try and shoot some hard positional shots on a 9-ball table youd fail horribly.

  10. are you snooker nerds still arguing? does it make you angry that people play a different style of pool? what a bunch of fucking losers

  11. Thanks Waylo, for validating my assertion that Americans have the attention span of knats. And they need lots of pretty colours too. You’re right though. Snooker only has two colours. Red and black. And the trouble with snooker is, you can’t miss a pocket by 2 feet and still make the shot. What kind of game is that?
    Saintlumpy? You’re not blind .. just dumb. I think being blind would be worse but it’s a line call.
    Snooker needs to make the pockets way bigger and have thicker cues.

  12. oh then why don’t i see you in the hall of fame? oh i must be blind ur too good for them

  13. Are you serious? What’s your friend’s name?

  14. ok snooker pockets are smaller but so are the balls are they not? plus they have snooker sticks which are really skinny. snookers’ boring red, color, red, color just boring.

  15. the pocket’s are still ALOT bigger than on a snooker table. and my oppinnion is that 9 ball and biljards are too easy compared to snooker. they still arent easy to play when your hammered

  16. This is not easy. I know a guy who plays with these pro’s. He practices on a 12-foot snooker table with a regular set of balls and still runs 7-10 racks in a row. If you have ever played on a snooker table then you know this is no easy feat.

  17. Tibi,I played A-Grade pool here in Australia for 15 years. The tables here in Oz are closely aligned with those in Britain. You need to be extremely accurate to pot. These 9-ball tables allow you to miss…and still pot. Any rail shot is a cinch if you get the ball in the right postcode. You cannot do this on proper tables. These 9-ball tables are designed for one thing – a fast game… and television.

  18. if you think it’s easy to play pool, and the pockets are wide try to make a 60 ball run in staright pool or try to make the clearance 8 times in a row in nine ball, or 3-4 times in a row in eight ball..a pro can do that or even more. it’s not as easy as it seems.

  19. Moron? I’m watching a game where the guy misses the pocket by three inches and it stil goes in. Where is the skill in that? Typical American game. Get it over quickly because the locals have the attention spans of knats. Sorry Jim. Make the tables a little harder and you might have a game. The way you play it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

  20. wow are u fucking kidding. the pockets are tiny, and you’re a moron.

  21. I like how the pockets are so friggin big you can’t possibly miss. What a joke.

  22. I like how the commentator gets his english mixed up at 22:15.

  23. well some on espn, Farzinff, will use olhausen conelly or brunswick pool tables

  24. Who is RON PAUL? Check on YOU TUBE today!!!

  25. I love POOL!!I play almost every day!!But if i dont GET INVOLVED and vote RON PAUL the draft`ll be invoked and in iraq all i`ll be able to do is PRAY.

  26. Hey, that’s some great information you got there. Archer Episode 2 is coming soon!

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