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Oldest Snooker Video

By • Aug 29th, 2008 • Category: Snooker Feature

I know people like on here like to see classic old clips.

Well it doesn’t get much older than this.

This clip was filmed sometime circa 1910-1920, maybe earlier.

Fairly certain it’s snooker, but it could be some other obscure cue sport. Enjoy.

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  1. You are indeed right, one ‘can’t see shit’. If that is what you are hoping to see can I recommend you revisit those gay sites that you so obviously frequented before.

  2. Top Video, it brings back old memories to my mind of the black and white snooker!! i remember seeing something like this before with Jo + Fred Davis!

    Top Video!

  3. my guess was the 1920’s as that was when snooker really found its feet.

  4. great stuff mightymariner! thankyou for posting, ignore the negative comments, it takes being of a certain age to appreciate this kind of footage, i am and i do, job done,x

  5. Come on.. you are incredibly ungrateful. Don’t post low-quality comments.

  6. wow the tables look shit, but they look good, it would be soo fun to play on slow tables with massive heavy balls, no joke

  7. Come on.. you can’t see shit. Don’t post low-quality videos.

  8. haha cheers.. where did you get hold off this? imagine watching that on tv!

  9. thanks mate. The balls look so big and bulky 🙂 good job.

  10. LOOOL! Fck is that an old movie u have “exavate” there! 🙂 Very interesting. In my opinion it remembered me a little bit in “(hitler)”, lool but dont ask me why!! ;)) But thx for this rare stuff m8! Gr8! The oldest Snooker-movie before yours I known were Joe Davis 100 break of 1962, what is also superb stuff! thx m8!

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