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147 Ali Carter Snooker World Champs 2008 – English – Part 2

By • Sep 13th, 2008 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos, Snooker Videos

Ali Carter makes a wonderful 147 against Peter Ebdon in the QF of the world snooker championships. 2nd 147 break in 2 days after Ronnie’s in the world championships. Ebdon missed a 147 in the previous frame ending at 113. Part 2.

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  1. HEY! Ali Carter DID NOT a 147 break!!!


    I tell u why…: Carter did a break of 140 and then he pots accidently the last black! HAHAHAHAHA :DDDDD, crap

  2. What a fantastic maximum. Lots of tricky pots and as the pressure builds you can feel Carter’s heart beat faster and faster. Another great moment in crucible snooker and an even greater highlight in his career. As everyone knows Ronnie eventually beat him in the final but Carter is, in my opinion, still one of the best. Let’s hope we see him next year.

  3. even when I know its a maximum break, I still get tense watching it

  4. you would go crazy if u made a 147 in competition dick nose

  5. difference:
    Ronnie making 147 = smile + nod + wave + gone
    carter or anybody else = think they won wwf ,
    i mean look at his little body and the way he walked around… no offence though. It was a big target to achieve , one we can only dream about


  7. Ebdon was over congragulatory, can’t stand him.

  8. yes agreed, look out for Shaun Murphys Sportsmanship too when he next loses a match, always gives a proper congratulations to whoever beats him like ebdon does

  9. You should go down to Preston now and try and qualify for the World Championships!!

  10. great break.. I did a 39 the other day! lol

  11. Yeh, he was almost as pleased as Ali! Always gets a bad rap for the slow play but a good guy

  12. ive meet ali

  13. This break remineded me of Stephen Hendry’s 147s as he is known for them as “a Magician”. Ali’s 147 is equally important and he did it in tremendous pressure. An ‘inch perfect’ maximum.

  14. Amazing, really nice for Ali, the shot at the red that wasn’t completely available was impressive too.
    His reaction is brilliant…

  15. ^ go here


  16. i liked his better than ronnies

  17. Poor quality of video. It’s too slow with us hearing his shot before seeing it taking place.

  18. Great to see Ali get recognisition finally and to get the max is a great way to achieve this. My brother used to play with him in the Witham league, Essex many moons ago and so we are even more supportive. My Chinese students all know Ronnie, Hendry and their players, now to make them aware of the another Essex ace. Go Ali all the way.

  19. O’Sullivan was faster but Carter, him break was more beautiful…grat for ALI

  20. great maximum! Ebdon’s sportsmanship is great too

  21. i’m happy for him, what a great sports guy.

  22. The shot from blue to pink was absolutely brilliant.

  23. Top drawer!


  25. listen 6:17 there is totaly quiket and then someone shot “IT’S IN” funny 😛

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