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Ronnie O’Sullivan 147 at the 2008 Snooker World Championship

By • Oct 21st, 2008 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos, Snooker Videos

147 produced at the 888 World Championship at The Crucible

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  1. shot at 7:20 – unbelievable

  2. ronnie is obviously far better than ali is..ali is a great player but he lacks confidence sometimes:(..perhaps we’ll see another final between them at the northern ireland trophy,too;)

  3. As usual…just amazing and unbelievable!!

  4. Actually, it’s Willie Thorne!

    Former pro and long-time BBC commentator.

  5. bleve me or not moment he poted dah 1st red i had a fellin dat hes goin 4 dah 147 it was a pleasure watchin mii idol boy o boy hes a genius


  7. Actually, it’s Terry Griffiths, the former pro who coaches mark williams. 🙂


  9. john virgo haha i think

  10. who is the comentator after Dennis Taylor ???

  11. what do u mean “to play fast” he is playing enought fast I don’t see whas your problem 🙁

  12. i want him to play fast next season

  13. i wish all uploads were in this quality. Well done the uploader.

  14. One of the best cannons I’ve even seen at 7:20!! … and to produce a match-winning maximum at snooker’s biggest stage – The Crucible Theatre is simply genius!

  15. Way to win match frame in the World Snooker Championship: with a maximum break.

  16. man, he makes it look SO easy !!!

  17. AskForIt25 its snooker not “pool” get the fuck out if u dunno wat your talking bout!!!!

  18. The most talented player I’ve ever seen!

  19. mega respect for Ronnie O’ Sullivan 😀
    mega is small word 😀 if you played snooker evan one time you will say the same as I 😀

  20. Ronnyyyyyyyyyyy I love You Your the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody can doubt you your the King of Pool

  21. i cant believe i was there. cant wait to tell ma kids wen i grow up!

  22. ‘the man is a total GENIUS’

  23. just stunning…what a player

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