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2007 World Snooker Final Ronnie O’Sullivan Winning the Final

By • Feb 20th, 2010 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos, Snooker Videos

Here is a video clip of Ronnie O’Sullivan winning the UK 2007 snooker finals. This video clip was shot from within the crowd.

Movie filmed by Terrible Tel with the help of Julie Griggs – Also present waz Roger the dodger and co! This film shows you what its like from the crowds’ view. Yes you always get the BBC footage posted here on youtube, but we thought another angle (albeit not professional BBC cameramen!) may be of interest – So Guys and Gals -If you havnt yet been to a snooker final — GO!! Great Crowd, Great Snooker, Great Venue (Well done Telford!!) and Hazel Irvine is indeed a little minx!! .. and Ronnie – It was a pleasure to watch such a genius at work. Any chance of a frame ?? 😉 – hello to Zoe from Telford. Hope you enjoyed seeing the Rocket do his thing! – By the way – You can visit the nice folks at Ronnies’ website / forum here : 😉 – – Happy Christmas to Sunflower ! 🙂

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  1. Great clip.thanks,no “one size fits all hazel irvine” who knows nothing about snooker or any sport for that matter,she is even on coverage of US masters.BBC are absolute rubbish.Let sport commentators be people who have actually played the sport and know what they are talking about.Not pc I knowbut that,s the trouble with the world,everyone scared to say what they really mean,oh well rant over.

  2. Thank you for replying 🙂 I hope that one day, I will have the opportunity to watch those snooker talents live.

  3. Youre welcome & thanks to you and everyone else for viewing the video. It was a great nights snooker and I urge anyone that likes the game to go and see it live. You’ll love it – Especially if the Rocket is playing!

  4. thank you for posting. I wish I was there, but thanks anyway for letting us to see it from the spectator’s perspective. Love Stephen’s accent!

  5. This is a video of my dreams! When I win it big I will certainly travel to Sheffield for 17 days to see it all. Or the UK champs as in this case. It must be the most incredible thing.

  6. My mate just sent me this link and just had to register so i could comment. We were at the final as well and I think I saw you filming this 😉 . Anyway, great video and as has already been said, nice to see some “crowd” footage. Brings back some great memories. Well played Ron!!

  7. Good to see an alternative to BBC footage. Wish I had been there – musy have been great! Rocket is a genuis – no doubt. Did you see the 147 live?

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