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Snooker Coaching by Terry Griffiths – Part 3

By • Sep 24th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Pool Snooker Tips, Snooker Tips, Snooker Videos


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  1. Thank you for posting it! Very, very useful! Snooker forever!

  2. I think its Clive Everton narrating.

  3. Another nice video. Is that Willie Thorne narrating?
    I got a chance to see Jimmy White playing an exhibition here in Ireland about 2 years ago… very fun, and nice to see his smooth cue action in person. It’d be nice to go to one of the big competitions sometime.

  4. me neither i play snooker in my free time..and i would say before sleeping i watch breakfast a frame or two..i am way too passionate about snooker..its my wish to watch the profeesionals live one day..

  5. thanks, I love snooker

  6. well done m8 keep it up it very nice of you. I must say this video is considered as being one of the very best. It has everything you need. Top coaches recommend it. This is a brilliant game I have spent most of my free time playing snooker and I dont’t regret a second !

  7. Thank you for these really good coaching videos! I’ve read before about the stance and grip etc but it’s very useful to SEE how it should be done. 🙂

  8. well what kind of videos do u need..i have uploaded training videos of steve davis and terry griffiths..
    i would as i get some more..
    u know i live in qatar a country in the middle east where snooker is not a popular sport…so i can’t get a lot of videos..but i am trying my get any thing good related to snooker..i wanna promote this sport..the game of my life in anyway possible..
    thnx a lot for the comment..
    i had made a lot of friends from snooker..and u are one of them

  9. Thank you princesagitarious! That footage is perfect! Couldn’t have been better. Have you got
    other brilliant videos?
    Thank you in advance!

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