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Snooker – Ronnie O’Sullivan concession

By • Sep 4th, 2008 • Category: Snooker Videos

Ronnie O’Sullivan inexplcably concedes his UK Championship quarter final to Stephen Hendry after missing a red, despite being only 4-1 down in a best of 17 match

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  1. JamesTaylor, firstly, the facial expression clearly show both the ref and hendry (maybe a little startled) but with some sort of a lighthearted smile at best. In my book, shocked would normally mean ‘rabbit headlights’ – In any case what the hell are you talking about??? me out of order!!! You’re deluded more like!!!

  2. yes he’s entitled to forfeit a tournament.

    But not because he is getting outplayed, thats just wrong.

    also hendry and the ref aren’t grinning at ronnie, i think they are just totally shocked and do know what to do.

    hendry was going to win the match anyway, i don’t think he cares how he got it done, so your comment is out of order.

  3. Okay, Ronnie is a living legend, but as a person, he’s a very weird guy. But still, my favourite player

  4. i think he is a good player, but a very very horrible person….

    look at the video showing what he said in a public interview in China Opens…. he was saying to the translator beside him that there was a pretty pretty reporter and wants her to suck his dick… and HE SAID THAT RIGHT INTO THE MIC! i was quite shocked to see that…. it reflects here again….

  5. The man (I use the term loosly), is a joke. Like a kid spitting out his dummy cause he ain`t winning. As for the prat who thinks its okay to throw in the towel when he sees fit, think about the spectators who paid good money to watch the game, and the sponsors of the tournament , who are ultimatly the ones who pay this childs wages. GROW UP LITTLE BOY AND HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THE GAME AND THE PROFESSIONALS YOU PLAY WITH. p.s. The “snide” grins were looks of disbelief.

  6. I like to feel sexy….knowing someone is watching me ..wanting me…turns me on!BADLY! I like to flirt and pose..and sometimes i like to get WILD! how? ..he he..come in video and youll see:-)) maybe u can teach me something..or maybe i will ! come visit me at MeetYourFling (.COM) my user-id there is nanette-nfat chat soon on cam 🙂 eosfbaevcb

  7. mate,
    thats not the rockets number if so why add that PRIVATE information on youtube!!

  8. I wouldn’t say it would have been a foregone conclusion for Ronnie. They clearly both dislike each other and had Ronnie gone on, he may well have lost the match himself. In any case, he did the decent thing. He wasn’t in the right state of mind so why prolong the bad feeling and wait for a eruption. As for some of the comments on his bio-polar disorder, I’m disgusted!

  9. Snooker isn’t just about winning, it’s about good sportsmanship as well. Walking out on a match like that when you could still easily win it is definitely not cool.

  10. lol hes a classic and this is what makes him the best

  11. Ronnie is da legend!

  12. So what about when you can see both Hendry and the Ref grinning by snide after Ronnie leaves; not very professional is it – Ronnie’s entitled to forefeit a tournament as and when he feels its necessary.

  13. Bad loser. Bad attitude.

  14. stephen hendry is better then ronnie
    and i don’t give a f*ck he can do a 147 in 5 minutes and 20 seconds

  15. you never know which Ronnie will turn up! He’s so unpredictable and that’s what I like about him!

  16. hendry at his best is better than o’sullivan, not the hendry of today but i’m talking about the hendry of the 90’s, at this moment o’sullivan is a much better player then hendry, but honnestly i don’t think o’sullivan is going to win so much like hendry did

  17. ronnie is d sexiest man ever! if he quits snooker den i wont ever hav an erection agen! i know ronnies house number because i no 1 of his mates, its 02083331292 tvf

  18. ronnie is the best player ever to play snooker his fastest 147 will never be beaton not in our lifetime anyway

  19. SHUT UP dennis taylor! hes soooo boring

  20. shut up you silly wank,he can do what he wants,its his career.hes the best player ever and would be a killer for the sport if he left.absolute genius

  21. It’s a pity he doesn’t do what he says (every fucking year) and walk away from snooker. What a publicity attention seeking arsehole. I’d better be careful what I say though, we all know what his family are capable of!

  22. Ronnie’s the most entertaining snooker player there ever was! A f%*in genius, but even geniuses have bad days!

  23. This is a lack of respect for his opponent…

  24. hahaha OWNED ! ;D

  25. “He is shaking hands, This is quite incredible, I dont believe what im seeing here”
    “Ive never seen anything like this all the years im watching snooker, in my life”

    Thats who he is:
    Incredibly unbelievable.

    Thats why I only watch snooker if he plays. Needless to say he is a genius and the best snooker player ever.

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