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Snooker – Steve Davis 147 Break – Budapest Exhibition

By • Feb 20th, 2010 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos, Snooker Videos

A 147 maximum break made in under 8 minutes by 6 times champion Steve Davis in 1992. (The film was done by an amateur)

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  1. sweet babe here to give you company while you jerk off on webcam


  2. Steve Davis

  3. Long live rythmic clapping.

  4. Brilliant steve i really enjoyed that. your a absaulte legend who i just love watching playing snooker and it made my day a few years ago when i got the chance to meet you after a premier league match against Mark Williams in Hull. Show Stephen Hendry And Ronnie O’sullivan how to play snooker in your 50’s and moaning about quitting. Never heard steve moan once even after losing these guys should just learn from him!!!!!!!

  5. Ronnie said he looks at davis’ game for inspiration. I wld have like to see daivs and ronnie play each other at their prime. I would guess ronnie is the perfect attacking player and davis is just pure class, kinda like nadal and federal. I wld say davis would have kept ronnie in his seat at his prime

  6. The clapping in time is a Hungarian (or East-European? hell knows) tradition. We do it that way.

  7. i think i saw that midget in a porn movie once….

  8. lol how long is that appluase and why is everyone clapping in time… weirdos

  9. Is that Dennis Taylor there? friggin midget hah

  10. It’s eastern Europe cholling! The people there don’t have the luxuries of the west. Oh I forgot…there are no people in eastern Europe they’re all over here.

  11. What’s this, in somebody’s garage? I’m half expecting to see a wooden ladder or rake hanging on one of the walls!

  12. I guessed early 90s, then saw in the description its 1992 🙂

  13. Does anyone know when this was? Looks some time ago judging by steve’s hair! 80’s maybe? I couldn’t take my eyes off the little bald guy! Anyway…well done Steve, you’re such a decent bloke too :o)

  14. Steve Davis showing why he’s big in Hungary. Ha-ha!

    Seriously, great performance. One I hadn’t seen before so thanks for posting.

  15. who the f**k is that midget he’s playing !

  16. this is an exhibition, why are you comparing it to a match 147? I bet every top player has made numerous 147s in unrated matches where the pressure is off.

  17. why are they clapping in unison???? lol

  18. Nice 147. Steve almost missed the green. Steve Davis is the best 😉

  19. in HUngary there is a 14 year old kid, who made a 85 break

  20. That lady in the 2nd row from back, near the left hand side of screen is wearing a jumper that i bought for my gran on her birthday.

  21. i agree with d40a5c. ronnie’s 147 was a lot more exciting to watch, with a large part going to positional play that was near perfect.

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