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Steve Davis jokes about other Snooker Players

By • Oct 25th, 2008 • Category: Entertaining Billiard Videos, Pool Tournament Videos, Snooker Videos

Listen as Steve Davis talks about O’Sullivans 2 personalities and many other players during a Charity Event in Ballinasloe Ireland.

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  1. except for the times he was beaten.

  2. “This *isn’t* a certainty…”
    “Just *this* red for The World Title/Frame/Match”.

    You’re right hehe. Or when they assume a shot they will play and get it wrong.

  3. Who they really should get rid of is John Virgo.. Everytime I hear him say “this is a pressure shot” for the millionth time I have homicidal feelings towards him.

  4. kojaksmerrymen,your comment made me lol,ha ha!

  5. he is funny and he’s an intelligent guy. Which is unusual in sport never mind snooker. Your average snooker player writes his name using a crayon.

  6. willy thorn is a cunt. he talks shit 99% of the time. worst tash in the fucking world aswell

  7. davis was not a character in his day, he was hated

  8. The sound is

  9. Because of the sound, he sounds a bit like Frank Spencer in places! lol

  10. davis in the early 80’s was fuckin unbeatable!

  11. ok Davis is funny?lol,funnier than willy thorn granted but my granny’s funnier than willy,and she hasnt tries to kill herself twice like he has!!

  12. It’s the sound quality!!
    The higher you raise the volume, the worse it gets. Nothing to do with the accent.

    And yes, he does sound like a girl.

  13. i wish steve commentated more, he’s really funny. they need to get rid of that loser Willie Thorne, he just makes the whole thing depressing..

  14. This is so funny!!

    Davis is a legend!

  15. the sound quality makes it not understandable.
    I understand him on BBC, but not here.

  16. lol he sounds like a girl

  17. You want me to write out everything he says??!! Just higher your volume. Or maybe it’s his accent that is causing the problems.

  18. you ought to write down the whole speech coz it’s hard to understand at some parts but it’s awesome 😀

  19. can someone tell me what he is saying…i dont understand a single word!!!!!!!

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