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When Snooker Ruled the World Part 1

By • Sep 20th, 2008 • Category: Snooker Videos

When Snooker Ruled the World. TV documentary looking back at the golden era of the sport during the 1970s and 1980 when players such as Alex “Hurricane” Higgins, Jimmy White and Steve Davis were in their prime.

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  1. cheers for posting..watched here in NZ way back when?

  2. he never used to you dick

  3. if u had any brains and u’d saw what ronnie did in the latest 888 WC 2008 against hendry u’d would never se shit like ronnie cant play safety!
    id say its idiots who think the same like u who are responsible 4 the downfall of snooker!

  4. This is one of the greatest thing ive ever seen on youtube!!
    i like snooker and my favourite player is Steve “interesting” Davis!!

    Brillant work!!

    Shame i missed this on the telly when it was on the beeb because ill like a copy of this!

  5. First shown 28 April 2002.

  6. Great programme,I love it.

  7. When was this first broadcast?


  9. can someone upload videos when ray reardon was in his prime?

  10. When was this on the telly? what a great collection of Snooker vids a treat for any snooker fan.

    Thanks for Uploading.

  11. has anyone mentioned anything about the type of spectacles that was showed? are those specially for billiards back then?

  12. I always wondered whether snooker pros smoke!?!
    i mean u get shaky hands! guess todays pros dont do this anymore do they?? can anyone name smoking pros ??

  13. Thanks so much for posting this, fucking awesome!

  14. thank you for this great video 🙂
    also, can anyone tell me, whats that song in the very beginning?
    thanks in advance

  15. If you would have understood my comment you would see I meant to say that doesn’t matter because they are playing today. I’m going to stop commenting now because there’s no getting through to you.

  16. well done, re read my comment. My point is that he could never win a tournament 20 yrs ago

  17. It’s 2008.

  18. I’m saying he wouldn’t ever beat any of the top 10 from the 80s, he is proof of how bad modern snooker is becoming

  19. I don’t agree his play doesn’t have anything to do with winning those final frames if he does it time after time. Equalling the high break shows he’s focused to me.

  20. As any pro says final frames can go either way and theres alot of luck involved, had Stephen hendry not left a red over the pocket in the earlier rounds giving him the frame he wouldnt have even been in the final. Its alot easier to make high breaks when you know youve won the match that means nothing

  21. In that final he equalled the highest break in the last frame… And didn’t he win those final frame deciders every time when other players couldn’t succeed in doing that?

  22. Selby only ever wins when people give him games, look at when he played Lee he made a highest break of like 40, and Selby still didnt win convincingly. He just kept scraping through final frame deciders

  23. Selby is the master at winning tactical frames, didn’t you see him play at the Crucible last year? And how is O’Sullivan not capable of playing safety, he doesn’t even need patience to play it…

  24. Selby can’t win tactical frames, and Ronnie can not play safety he doesnt have the patience fact

  25. I you say O’Sullivan(the tactical mastergenius Reardon taught him for heavens sake) and Selby can’t play tactical games, you are the blind one my friend.

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