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155 Snooker Break, Le Centre Carougeois de Billard, Geneve

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

set up a 155 with a nifty bit of deliberate foul and lucky green position… just a bit of fun, but still not easy to get on video.

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  1. That’s not the point bonchev, he still made a 155

  2. 04:53 is the luckiest shot I’ve seen…

  3. we don’t see the foul so we can’t be sure that ti is free ball it can be a trumped up story

  4. omg you knob

  5. @classic mariah: its about a freeballsituation, then u have 16 reds, cuz u may choose a colour as a red at first!so u have in fact 16 reds!

  6. man god u are rely good i play snooker but im only 14 and i hav got a 47 break wich i think is resonable how did u get this good??

  7. very nice break.
    them pokets look fairly big tough.

  8. I’d also like to see the foul that resulted in this break ..what did you suddenly think to switch the video on then. Also 33 isn’t too old to try ..reason you’re not on tv is because you aren’t good enough ..simple as.

  9. Yeah ..nifty bit of deliberate foul set this up. Not doubting that you can pot a ball ,very good, but there are loads of players who can do what you’ve done and it is just pratice after all. Willie Thorne claimed to have made more 147 breaks than anyone but he couldn’t do one under pressure.

  10. it does however seem a bit convenient you had a camera handy nd then could just “produce a 155” like tjat. you sre that table is right size? and u had no video editing software

  11. what the hell u on about, snooker pockets are notoriously difficult

  12. you got some nice cue power where

  13. I’ve played for 12 years now… never had reached a century before. Do you improve thru self practice or do you have a coach?

    My highest break is 66 in self practice and had 30/40+ breaks in amateur-tournaments (tucked away at some part of the town :P). I don’t play much nowadays.

  14. Bloody hell! That is incredible!

  15. fuck man, you got some serious snooker skills. I like your cue action.

  16. check your private messages.. I’ve replied there.

  17. hey man i think youre great…..u said u needed sponsors to play da qualifiers… much is da total expenses….approx…

  18. nice shot from yellow to green
    great play

  19. I started playing snooker when I was 10. Played on and off till I was about 16, then started again at 18 and have played more or less constantly until now (33).

  20. nice work man!!
    keep this on!!
    –i like your shot from yellow to green
    how long hv ya been playin’?

  21. how many tournaments have you won at your local club

  22. in every video all the balls are so perfectly placed every time. put em in difficult decisions snooker isnt perfect

  23. I would rather get a 147 in tournement play as that is the maximum break possible to get paid. 155 doesnt count as a high break. Unlucky

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