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2005 US Open 9-Ball Championship Gabe Owen vs. Efren Reyes

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Efren Reyes. Need we say more? Credits: Producer:R Sykora

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  1. Efren is my favorite as well. One thing about his game that really stands out to me (maybe no one else has noticed) but even on easy shots and even simple 9 ball shots, he still takes his time, lines up and makes great shots. Lots of players will just aim at the 9 and fire when it’s an easy shot. These guys usually make it but Efren is just so intentional about every shot. Great game…

  2. I think becuase it is a offical site,they might have to pay for vids over 10 mins

  3. oh ok thank you

  4. YouTube provides a license to producers to upload videos this size.

  5. It’s an official pool channel….

  6. great match. like to see them like this 2 great players.but Efren is my fav.

  7. how they get a vid of 49 mins on here?, i cant get over 9 mins

  8. Snooker is for the players that think the ”buckets of pockets” in pool are to large

  9. haha which one is earl?

  10. It’s like comparing a hockey goal to a soccer goal… or pingpong balls to tennis balls…

  11. snooker is for people that cant play pool
    straight pool and one pocket is pool you gotta be a surgeon.

  12. this is an amazing game with good players

  13. pool is for girls
    the pockets are fucking huge
    play snooker ffs proper game

  14. That’s life =)

  15. Right,chichang79,your correct,I know this guys calculating every shot in his brilliant pool mind,but you got to admit that he gets the roll,when it really matters the most,In all my years watching efren,Ive only seen him really choke the leave on one shot,costing him the match to corey deuel,and it was a very easy shot/leave,im not saying hes not awesome,he is the magician,but damn,how can anyone get the benefit of the doubt that often?I bet he picks winners when he bets on sports.

  16. earl strickland resembles ben stiller’s character in “dodgeball”..

  17. Do you really think Efren safeties, kicks, banks is lucky? I don’t think so, he went for it, he calculated it, he played three cushion so he knows every systems. IMHO maybe Efren got a little lucky but not a pure luck, he went for it and well calculated it. That’s why he is the magician!!

  18. Hold up,Efren is great,we all know,but hes also the luckiest Ive ever seen,lucky safeties,lucky kicks,banks,hail mary shots,he always gets the lucky extra millimeter rolls,the other player dont,Reyes wins,when you got that kind of luck,and your as good as Efren,you cant be beat,think Im lying?play someone thats having a lucky streak,and see how fast you lose,even if your better than them.He also gets lucky by other players fucking up,and giving him straight ins,its a fact,He is good for sure.

  19. is dat really how commentator act?dey r making viewers so stupid when in fact we know wat they’re going to do..these old folks are ridiculous..

  20. he reminds me of an owl lol

  21. strickland is a great player, but not the greatest! he should be working in a call center because his mouth can’t be stopped.. wahahahaha! even strickland’s fellow american idolize efren.. are you even thinking people?? efren’s the greatest player of all time.. and strickland is the most amazing imitator of a parrot!

  22. tony annigoni is the worst commentator of all time. shut the f up, we know whats going on in the match ahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  23. Chalk-off is the greatest name for a product ever.

  24. Efren is the best ever, he’s owned Earl many times. Efren’s kicking and saftey game is simply on another level. You can’t play chess with this guy, you start playing safeties with efren and ur done, gg.

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