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2008 World Snooker Championships – O’Sullivan/Hendry Fr 1 #1

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First frame of the semi final match between Ronnie O’Sullivan and Stephen Hendry in the 2008 World Snooker Championships. Part 1.

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  1. “blink and u’ve missed it, cuz here cums the rocket”

  2. The announcer is a complete retard. He should be commentating on darts or something.

  3. both hendry and o sullivan do the same when they shake each others hand.i noticed this years ago.

  4. yes, hendry is the king of the crucible

  5. lol “king of the crucible”

  6. the announcer is an absolute laughing stock

  7. this is awesome. man I think I’m in love with you!

  8. Thanks for uploading this! Please do the same for finals.

  9. Thanks for your comin back dlovell!!
    Brilliant stuff, just awesome!

  10. Anyone notices that ronnie cleans his hand after shaking with the Ref??? :S

  11. thanks for the uploads please continue until the finals

  12. come on hendry, you can do this.thanks for videos

  13. awesome, thanks for these videos man ..

  14. Support U for Uploading

  15. go go hendry

  16. Nice to see you posting the lovely snooker clips again, David!

  17. thanks a lot for this awesome upload..i juz love the introductions of the players..two great players..

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