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Amazing Billiards in Super Slow Motion

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Uncategorized
The song is Night Scene by Sascha Borovcanin: Appears on Chillzone vol 3
Buy album here:

Amazing Billiards in Super Slow Motion and with Infra Red Video.
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Filmed with special high speed-cameras (2000 Frames per Second, Color, Mega pixel) and infrared-cameras (sensitivity 0,08 degrees Celsius).

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  1. can you tell me what is the name of that single too? thank you

  2. whit a music and all… its really nice! thanks. I have to photographe some pictures drom biliard for my diplom work in school 🙂

  3. WOOW Amasyng!

  4. A very beautiful video and shows the physics of Billiards in a new light – great!

  5. lol that one ball went up like a foot

  6. 1- say a boy or girls name u want to b with 2 times
    2- say ur best friends name 5 times
    3-post this comment on 5 other vids
    4-press f8
    5- u will see ur curshes name

  7. this almost looks fake
    so tight

  8. 1:02 is just imba

  9. Did you know that this video is just a tiny part of a DVD showing only scenes of Billiards in Super Slow Motion?

    Oh My Gosh !

    The name of this DVD is….

    Faszination Dreiband – Billard, Highspeed & Infrarotaufnahmen, Ambient – Sound


  10. I have the song in my Youtube Channel. Search the video: Night Scene – Sascha Borovcanin (HQ)

  11. nice balls

  12. what is that song?

  13. yee u should my balls lol

  14. pretty sexy hehe

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  16. it’s a way to say -.-

  17. 0:42 Look like a ciggarete

  18. i’ve never seen that movie, but yeah, ‘namesROverated’ got it pretty much right 🙂

  19. thats off of the movie garage days

  20. Sticks, ball, and holes, perhaps?

  21. erotic ?


    Becasue ?

  22. Lol!

    Morph Ball !!!

  23. hee hee samus

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