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Amazing Pool Tips

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

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  1. bankai lol

  2. LOL BANKAI!!!!

  3. hahah omg…pencil, bankai…this is hella funny man XD

  4. LOOOL hahhahahah super saiyan state for pool rofl

  5. Bleach references.

  6. WOOHH!!! going into state super saiyan!!! xD

  7. A pencil, hahah <3

  8. That was funny lmao

  9. lol no demon fox form!?

  10. lol for a moment i thought you were really gonna give accurate tips. but of course you wouldnt! lmao

  11. lol whats that behind you?

  12. LOL, that was funny.

  13. Funny, as always.

  14. this sucks.

  15. LOL justkidding…but not really

  16. hahaha bankai xD
    hilarious !

  17. hhahaha
    wow “1800-Get-Laid”
    very nice number

  18. HAHAHA SCorpion

  19. Lolll wth? XD

  20. Lol “BUT F*** THAT WERE AISEN!”

  21. the first state is state one

    2nd state is Bankai

    3rd state is super saiyan

    ahhahahahasha LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO xD ROFLMAO

  22. lol umm i actually won with these tips. i pocketed the 8 ball the opp thought he won then i showed him this vid and he was like oh okay lol 🙂

  23. Bad form, it looks like both of you are new to pool. Funny video though.

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