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Amazing snooker shot – 2008 Masters, Maguire vs. O’Sullivan

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What a great snooker escape!

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  1. It’s a little known fact but Stephen Maguire was U.K. freestyle beatbox champion in 2001.

    He is also an amazing rapper and had a ten minute slot on a recent Public Enemy tour.

  2. that is amaazziinngg!!!!

  3. absolutely sensational!

  4. And to pull it off infront of God himself!!!

  5. i remember that shot. gotta give it to him pretty god damn good

  6. that was his second

  7. the shot wasnt the hard part, yeah come off the cussion and miss the pink a little right hand side. it was the knowledge the shot was on which deserved the prayss

  8. That is one helluvan escape! Quite right that he got a massive round of applause.


  10. Just brilliant! Absolute precision.

  11. cheers for a reply back dude, top shot!!

  12. I’ve never heard anyone count the World Doubles Championship as a World Championhip. And besides, the point, Spencer never won that either.

  13. This was his second attempt.

  14. i guessed it wasnt his first try because willie thorne said something like i didnt know what he was playin till he tried it!!

    never the less a brill shot!

    top snooker

  15. what you didnt show is how many times he tried to make that shot

  16. Some people count the doubles world championship, so I insist he won 4 (3 singles 1 doubles)

  17. John Spencer won it 3 times, not 4. Sorry to be pedantic but you are correcting someone else so it’s important to be accurate, don’t you think?

  18. yeah but it’d be something to get that at your first attempt. Depending on the score, of course with only 25 points on the table, you’d be happy to get it within 3 or 4 tries, I’d reckon as the alternative may leave the green on.

  19. *(…) comment BUT you need (…)

  20. I totally agree with your comment you need to improve your knowledge about snooker.
    Please search on the internet informations about it and you will see that you’re absolutely wrong about the number of world titles.
    PS: Ronnie didn’t won his 3rd title with a maximum – he made this break to beat Mark Williams in the last 16

  21. Hang on, you’re telling me to stop commenting on videos on YouTube?

    You’re insane. YouTube is for posting videos and people to give their opinions on it. I wouldn’t mind, but I’m not even wrong.


  22. sorry YJ but stop commentating snooker videos please !

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