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Amazing Snooker Trick

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

an amazing snooker trick its just amaaaaaaaaaazing

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  1. The only thing that the guy did was hit the trigger ball.. lol 😛 Cool calculated and organized order trick 😛 thx for publishing

  2. That would take me months to set up, and even then, i wouldn’t get it right xD

  3. the person who set that up should get the credit he done most of the work

  4. and the point of doing this is?

  5. your mother is a whore

  6. you know the guy didn’t do much though 😛

  7. its not snooker thats pool

  8. that is good tho it is pointless

  9. good… 🙂

  10. there fits 1 on it doesn’t it?

  11. what a waste of time. i put dominos on my cock

  12. someone should have glued a brick to the table

  13. ill do that without the dominos

  14. OMFG that was AMAZING

  15. thats not snooker, thats pool

  16. omg he just shot 1 ball and evrything falled.not that amazing

  17. You never see O’Sullivan doing any of THAT!

  18. Hopefully next time It’s my shot down at the pub, there’s gonna be a strategical network of dominoes.

  19. WTF!!!!…….the time it would have took to set that up just for 1:37 minutes lol

  20. some one needs a girlfriend…

  21. yeh if he gets it rong hes dead lol

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