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Bhaja Bhakata (Bhaktivinoda Thakura Cover)

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

I recorded this using protools; bass and harmonium sounds from a keyboard plus sitar from my variax guitar, all the voices are me too.
I first heard this song on the fantastic Radha-Krishna Temple album produced by George Harrison in 1969. He also played guitar, harmonium and bass on a few tracks. The song is in sanskrit and well over 100 years old. Bhaktivinode Thakura predicted that these songs would be sung throughout the world in the local musical style. George Harrison was one of the first to make that prediction become a reality. Namaste and Hare Krishna ;)

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  1. you are welcome!…this is one of the most pleasant and uplifting renderings of devotional music, that i have heard! ~:-]

  2. I appreciate that Wally, thank you

  3. i really dig the energy and the sound of this music of yours, simon!…you are presenting some skillfully produced videos, my friend!…namaste’…wally ~:-]

  4. Beautifull 🙂

  5. this song is one my favourite bhajans and it is the favourite of my mother.

    thanks for posting

  6. Beautiful! Ive watched all the vids, nitai passed on your link. congrats on the bub too!
    love, kalindi

  7. ” Que haja paz entre os homens!
    Que haja harmonia entre os homens!
    Que haja alegria entre os homens!
    Que cada ser humano encontre o amor dentro
    do seu coração! ”
    Namaste & Hare Krishna!

  8. Depois desta Simon eu me lembrei da velha canção do mesmo Georgy “If I needed someone to love”! trans: After this I’ve remembered of that old song of same…(on the Rubber Soul album) So:
    (A peace mantra) to be repeated sometimes each and everyday – hope it works!

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