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Digitally Assisted Billiards

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Uncategorized

This is our ECE 4180 “Embedded systems” Final Project.

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  1. Great! Did you ever think of doing this for 3-Cushion-Billard? This would be nice to suggest possible solutions or a position…

  2. tha point is not to make tha shots to the pockets just to show how accurate the programme is

  3. well, u guys should have called some good pool player to at least “make it more accurate”, u guys didnt make 1 shot!!

  4. Good job guys. Amazing. And for everyone else who is down on what they did, all I have to say is I would like to see you come up with something as smart as that.

  5. ..i dont understand it..even u use that wont still win over me in billiard.the way you cue the ball..

  6. It’s good but needs more animation. Some suggestions would be a circle the source ball and lighting up the destination. This would work well for party pool games.

  7. Fucking geeks

  8. Use OpenCV for the “cam sees jumping balls” problem….and try putting the webcam straight on the top of the pool table…
    Try also using a higher res cam…

    You can also add some genetic algo for the computer to learn how the balls react to the table…

  9. this is awesome

    good job

  10. so the higher the resolution of the web cam the more accurate you could make it? too bad i’m going into nursing, this stuff is so fascinating!

  11. The assumption of the ball radius is slightly off because that calculations are made at the incoming resolution of the image. The value we choose was the closed integer value we could find, The red circles that show collisions show the assumed radius.

  12. does this system include the dimensions of the balls? that might correct some of the trajectory issues…

  13. HolyShitt!!!…i can sink that with my eyes Closed!!!…you cant do That by even Cheating!!!…no wonder they call me PhLOOK SkyWalker!!!….haHa… :)~

  14. great development, but its kinda waste of time. LOLZ You know ~ its good though you know ~ smart kids you know ~ LOLZ just wasted some times you know ~

  15. Awesome work guys

  16. nice invention but “terribad” pool skills

  17. Yes I can see this in future bars. Drunk people will need it!

  18. very impressive! this is a brilliant program, id like to see another video of this except use the bridge just so you can be 100% accurate to see how well it predicts the path, props guys!

  19. it doesnt works well because of human… human hits not in center as computer counted ^^

  20. it tells u where to hit but based on wut? it doesnt say wut the force is and the lines predetermined are set on wut variable?

  21. Very impressive
    I was inspired when I saw this, hears an idea that you could sell to high end pool halls, instead of tracking the shot, just track the balls as they move and project physics based animations around the balls, like sparks when the balls hit and flames trialling off the balls along with other eye candy, if it only showed up after the ball was hit it wouldn’t distract the shot, and watching the balls explode and spark off each other would make spectators stay in the pool hall longer

  22. u dont know how to hit the ball…

  23. You guys are damn smart. Props.

  24. they sank the white ball and scratched. lol I sink more balls without computers telling me where to shoot.

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