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Earl Strickland and Daryl Peach – Controversy at Mosconi Cup

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Earl Strickland and Daryl Peach Highlights from Mosconi Cup by Inside POOL Magazine video at

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  1. For anyone who slanders earl and thinks he is a great pool player but not a gentleman, you are very wrong. I am not just saying that because he is my ex cousin in law and i play with him sometimes, but yall dont understand how much of a master he is at his own game. If you saw him in person play, it would blow your mind. Earl Strickland does not have to be nice if he doesn’t want to: NICE is not what made him the 9 ball champion of the world over and over, pool is.

  2. You’re probably right, mate, but over this side of the pond, we don’t receive our first fir-arm at our Christening…..

  3. And what’s WRONG with Sarah Palin?
    I’ll put you against her with a shotgun each ANY day!

  4. I guess there’s no love lost between Strickland and Suquet! I really don’t think they like each other very much as this is the not the first time the ‘handshake’ has been controversial. Early is definitely the “McEnroe” of pool isn’t he?

  5. Nevermind, I just watched her in some other videos and she sounds like she has down syndrome.

  6. Naah, she gets paid for her looks definitely. But watch her interview Ralph Soquet, she is much more eloquent. I think she was nervous interviewing Earl… Maybe she thought he would snap at her. You can tell she is trying to get him to say “thanks” to her compliments, rather than “yeah I played well” like he is conceited.

  7. Earl is a great champion pool player, and a great character to watch. Too bad he is not also a gentleman. I think he feeds off of the animosity you know.

  8. thats the point…………..his game is so clinical im surprised the ref doesnt wear a surgeons outfit lol

  9. Steve “Interesting” Davis – please tell me thats not his actual nickname. That has to be the most “uninteresting” nickname I have ever heard.

  10. Who is that empty headed woman?

    She makes Sarah Palin look like Marie Curie…

  11. i dont think it had anything to do with Earl….why she gets paid to do that job is beyond me. She cant put a coherent sentence together with two hand and a flashlight.

  12. I would like to see an Asian and Philipino team. The only way for pool to really succeed is on a global venue.

  13. dudes a jerk off

  14. well i shook Earl’s hand tonight and got his autograph. what a legend! he did say “shit” live on air though! naughty man!!

  15. i saw Earl jogging today along the Sliema sea front in Malta today. i said “hello Mr Strickland” and stuck out my hand but he carried on jogging and said “sorry, i’m in training”. i’ll be at the Mosconi Cup this week. i hope he gets thrashed!!

  16. I think people need to understand that Earl doesn’t act like a complete nut for no reason.. He has to be mentally sick.. if anything earl can be a role model in a sick sort of way. A friend of his told me that he was bipolar, and after hearing that I think he deserves a little bit of credit. if you have a sickness and you can shoot as great as he can, American or w/e credit is due. Judging him does nothing but put him in a worse place than he already is.

  17. Malk, yes they do.

  18. ref alex hurricane higgins,jimmy whirlwind white,big bill werbenuik,steve interesting davis,snooker now is not as interesting to watch these days as it was in the eighties,why? because it lacks characters,bring on the characters good or bad,for it is these guys that make you tut at the box or cheer, swear, laugh,whatever..they get a reaction and that is the key ingredient that makes snooker and pool a spectator sport,so dont be too quick to criticise or go and watch bowls instead…………..

  19. Strickland is an idiot. He is amazing at pool, but off the table I bet he’s as interesting as a piece of slate.

  20. he won the US open 5 times. No one has done that. Mosconi didn’t put the stick on his chin and he ran 526 balls in a row.

  21. he doesnt even cue up underneath his chin, terrible technique, but managed to make it work for him

  22. I think it was professional of Earl to admit i snapped when Souqet didnt shake his hands before celbrating with his team!

    Bad english, i know.

  23. what a dick! probably the reason the guys dont get the airtime on tv like the ladies!

  24. I like that rule… if you are playing proffesional pool act like a proffesional.

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