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Earl Strickland – Efren Reyes PBT World Nine-ball Champ 1994

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Earl Stricland wins the 1994 PBT World Nine-ball Championship againts Efren Reyes. Taken from the video “Pool my way”

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  1. is mike sexton commentatin? lol

  2. To be fair there are many words – “wanker”, “cheat”, “sharker”, “baby”, “asshole.”

    “Sportsmanship” isn’t a word that ever needs to be employed when Dickland is playing.

  3. One word ” Wanker “

  4. earl is such a bad looser, notice he only says its a good match when he wins

  5. haha upset because earl win, what have about basketball in here?, huge pocket, are you retard?

  6. one word “HEART”

  7. you’re talking a load of shite mate regarding pool and snooker. they’re completely different games. yes the pockets are quite big on this table but try breaking and running a ten ball rack on a diamond table.

    only ignorant morons like yourself go “look, the pockets are bigger than snooker pockets! omg the game must be easy and the snooker players are better!”

    Earl’s a legend, and rightly so. Very few cueists, if any, in any sport, strike through a cue ball as sweet as earl.

  8. este video es un tributo a earl strickcland

  9. I personally would have choked on that last shot, there.

  10. lol, this nerd is so angry that he must patrol youtube searching for videos to compare to snooker. get a life loser.

  11. Compared to russian billiards, british pool pockets and even snooker pockets are like buckets too. But do they fell a need to annoy you with that information at every british pool/snooker vid?

  12. America has the “World Pool” championship? Don’t think so. America has the “World Baseball Championship” and the “World Football Championship”, not to mention the “World Horse Racing Championship” (Breeders Cup). Listen guys, stop with the “world” shit. It’s American championships. Please keep your “world this and that” to yourselves and your huge bucket-like pockets. The rest of the world will play pool properly on proper tables. And please alert me when a Yank wins a snooker title.

  13. like any other promotional videos/tutorials, it has its biases.

  14. why are you here?

  15. lol x

  16. efren is loooooong way better player than the crying babygirl strickland…in fact, better player, better person, etc etc etc..

  17. if you people don’t like 8/9 ball, don’t watch it. don’t watch it and then whine about how you don’t like it, when you probably should already know your own tastes prior to watching the video!

  18. seriously idiot.

  19. idiot… check the US hall of fame in billiards

  20. ur an idoit

  21. Playing 8/9 ball on these tables is for kids. Miss a shot by four inches, it still drops in. Just goes to show by the comments on snooker, that Americans have the attention span of knats.
    “Let’s make the pockets real big and get it over with.”

  22. earl’s the greatest western player that ever lived no doubt about it. poor efren he lost the finals of the same tournament the previous year to Johnny Archer. efren’s the 93&94 PBT world 9ball finalist.

  23. all the snooker players that have switched over to 9-ball only do it because they can’t cut the mustard in professional snooker anymore, the standard is way too high…..

  24. i mean cant

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