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Efren Reyes vs Corey Deuel

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Efren Reyes vs Corey Deuel

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  1. that kick safe on that 2ball was sick

  2. 02:40 he says reyes is very accurate at kicking balls

  3. cool. i was just curious, as i thought they sounded a little different, but largely similar to the voices i heard on the other coverage of the match

    cheers for the reply

  4. yea thats wych and incardona, but its a different commentary than the billiardclub videos. i guess they did it twice, once for espn.

  5. is it just a coincidence that the commentators in this ESPN coverage are named jim and billy, or are they jim wych and billy incardona, the same commentators from the bclub coverage?

  6. corey wasn’t born in ohio, he was born in california, and he no longer resides in ohio.. he lives in port richey florida…

  7. ohio produces many top notch young players look for another up n coming top notch player soon shannon murphy from springfield area to be a ass kicker

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