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Efren Reyes vs Jarvis

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World Pool Championship 8 Ball 1995 – Reyes Vs Jarvis

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  1. GG you arrogant asshole.

  2. Mosconi played the best snooker player and did very well against him. Steve Mizerak played one Crucible and placed very high. He also used to play the snooker champion both pool and snooker. Jim Rempe did ok at snooker as well. Efren although not American, played snooker in the Philippines.

  3. Reyes plays world class pool in quite a few different disciplines. From what i heard hes also a world class chess player. You want to talk about a tough game L2 one pocket.

  4. He did hustle Ronnie O’sullivan. This was verified by Daryl Peach on his website.

  5. i bet you 100 bucks that every single snooker player started his career playing normal pool on a normal pool table..

    anyway.. its a different game.. you cant compare soccer with baseball only because you need your feet for both and you’re playing with a ball..?

  6. I had to properly express my thoughts to Mr. Squire threw a message on his page. However, For whom ever read his statement regarding Efren’s chances of competing at snooker. I wanted to point out that you can find a gold medal at the SEA games (1987) in Snooker on his list of accomplishments. There is also a story – although I have no proof that is is true – of Efren getting deep into the pocket of a few different snooker players including Ronnie O’Sullivan during some impromptu matches.

  7. Check you messages James

  8. Inaccessablity of snooker tables? Please. There is no market for snooker in the U.S because Americans don’t have the attention span required. 9 ball suits much better. Pockets the size of buckets means a fast game. Perfect. And you can bet on snooker as easily as pool. Top snooker players can adjust to pool and the bigger pockets. It just takes them a little time. Reyes would be lucky to get a red against a top snooker player. 147 break? I think not.

  9. (Let me finish my thoughts) Snooker is not conducive to gambling nor is it as fast.I think that explains why peach plays pool so well.He probably plays pool because 1. It amuses him more & 2. It is better payoff with a better level of competition. Now, To get back to my original indifference with your comment. You are not a realist – you are arrogant to call a tournament with a world class purse & level of competition into question because it is played on a pool table in the US.

  10. I appreciate the impact that Europe has had on the world on nine ball & all of pool for that matter. To me, anything that can increase the exposure of the game of pool is a success. you mention that no americans have made it to the top of the snooker world & you are correct, but take into consideration the acessability of the sport. I live in chicago and know of only 2 snooker tables in the entire state of Illinois. If our finest players had a reason to play snooker – they would compete.

  11. I have no doubt snooker players are superior cueists. I can appreciate this game too, and I totally agree with you that they are fundamentally different games. But show me one American player that has made it to the top level of world snooker. Just one. Meanwhile, Peach, not even a top U.K snooker player wins the World Titel in 9 ball. That’s the difference to me Stockman. Not to mentions Europe’s win in the Mosconi Cup. I’m not arrogant. Just a realist.

  12. I think you are the arrogant one. Do you think that snooker is a superior cue sport because the pockets are smaller? Please!They are different games that require different fundamentals and approaches. I play both and appreciate both – But I also think that both are equally as difficult to master. This tournament was open to competitors all over the world & I’m sure the payout was worth their time! Maybe you would be singing a different tune if Ronnie was playing Efren.

  13. jarvis got no placing!!!! he’s just a happy go lucky guy!

  14. World Cup? Please. American championship maybe but World Cup? You’ve got pockets the size of buckets and you think this is world standard? As usual, American arrogance.

  15. It is obvious efren is geniuos…

  16. Efren won this 8ball world championship & defended it succesfuly the nxt year in 1996, won it again in 1998 & 2000.

  17. Is it just me or is it the same guy with a grey buzzcut who is the referee at like every single one of these events no matter where it is?

    Nice game, btw. Never seen Jarvis play before.

  18. the white guy doesnt think… hes just shootin and shootin’ unlike efren..

  19. omg? its pool??? lol its like watching major league gaming shows, u dont watch it you play it

  20. Mark is a great shot… played with him a lot in mishawaka and safe is not his game….he’s a shot maker and he damn near beat one of the best. im proud to say i know the guy.

  21. nightmare runout, hill-hill and you get out of line in 8 ball( a no no towards the end). If you miss the out is easy for the other guy. Like when I play in a ring game- nightmare for me I never get a decent shot.

  22. cool, thanks, i actually watched this tape prob 100 times, i recorded many of these matches

  23. what a shame he didn’t win 🙁
    he’d derved to!

  24. did you mean world cup of pool?? both of Reyes and Bustamante are fairing again to defend their trophy….

  25. the guy should have played safe. a failed run on efren is an automatic loss. efren runs 8 open balls 99 percent of the time.

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