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Efren Reyes vs. Mike Sigel RACK8

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

2000 US Open 14.1 Championships

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  1. lol me too, he keeps postin them here and there, just upload the whole thing dammit, lol

  2. Thanks for not spoiling it. 🙂 I watched this video again, and you’re right, he takes a good look at the five, but does not shoot at it. I myself don’t think the three was in the way, but then again, the perspective may be deceiving. Great match!

  3. He does look at it. Maybe he thought it was too risky a shot considering the 3 ball was in the way just a little. His opponent isn’t bad as well. I’m also surprised that the commentators Nick Varner, Billy Incardona didn’t say anything either cuz this rack ends up being a mess. Then again I’m not Mike Sigel. I know who wins this but I’m not gunna ruin it.

  4. I thought about that too! Maybe he tought that the cueball would get stuck inside the cluster, or even go behind the stack. Personally, I think that’s the right shot also. But then again, what do I know. Im sure he saw it but discarded it for whatever the reason may be. He’s the great MIke Sigel anyway, and knows this game well. More please!

  5. man can u try to upload a litle bit faster?
    im very curious to see the rest of this match

  6. I may not be half as good as Mike Sigel, but shouldn’t he have shot the 5 at 1:22? Break the balls up and have the 14 as an insurance? Maybe he thought that the cluster wouldn’t manufacture a good break shot, but I would think that the 5 would be the correct shot.

  7. seems he got whitey in the rack.. tough shot though

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