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Efren Reyes vs TamTam Gamo(Amazing Shot!)

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

This game was played at “Tristrams Billiard Shack” at valencia drive Dumaguete City featuring dumaguetes young gun “TamTam”..
Watch out for Efren Reyes last AMAZING SHOT!
or one of the BEST SHOTS in POOL!!! you be the judge!

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  1. “hahaha…whoooo…whoooo…whooo” 😀
    but nice 🙂

  2. he is the man!

  3. Hahaha… Bata pa pinalaro nyo. Hahaha!

  4. DAYAMM..!!!

  5. thats was sick!

  6. my idol….Go Efren

  7. the real shot was on the 5

  8. After that game,i asked Efren if that was a fluke…he told me,he did that on purpose to entertain the crowd..he also told me that he already knew 3 moves ahead and knew he would go that position for the nine..he is simply amazing!

  9. fuck, he’s like the god of pool, everything happened just so simple … even “fluke” the 9 with confident … freaking skills

  10. the reaction of the people is cool, this is why the phillipines have such great players they live with pool like brazilians live with soccer

  11. read the discription dude!

  12. playing cue sa ngayon “COSMO EBR-501 at JUDD FULLER

  13. Meron bang Alam kung anong cue stick gamit ni reyes?

  14. kalata ui!

  15. na nud-tud si efren..

  16. WOW, speachless man ko!

  17. omg the 3- 4 and the 9 was amazing…leave it to efren to fk with the crowd via mad skills

  18. grabe pakagat ni bata!nyahahaha

  19. uii Quiet daw!!! ssshhhhhh

  20. Hi tonykartyz125..this was held at Dumaguete City,Negros Oriental Philippines at Tristams Billiard Shack where in he went there for the “Tibayan sa Tako” tournament..this video was just an exhibition game vs a young dumagueteno kid 13yrs old..

  21. hahaha good!!!!!

  22. I think somewhere in Pampanga Philippines, his homeland, because they speak with their local dialect.

  23. anyone know where this is?

  24. “pasakay man!” hehe, lol!

  25. hey, you know they have this great new invention. Its called a tri pod!

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