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Efren Reyes vs Tony Drago

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2003 World Pool League

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  1. drago shoots fast but when he gets going he’s dangerous at the table he’s in such a rythm

  2. and besides that, Efren said that he had dream of becoming a good player.

  3. firck i can do this

  4. kien gano ? :S

  5. TRIVIA: when efren “bata” reyes is young( below 12 years old ), he is sleeping on the billiard table.

  6. efren has the most stylish cueing ever. and he’s one of the funniest charcters out there. AND, his DOB is the same as mine.

  7. 2 very lovable characters in pool =)

  8. Hehe, I think that Efren Reyes has a great personality when he’s at the table, but even greater besides the table 🙂
    He’s a pool legend.
    Efren is my second favourite player, second after Ronnie O’Sullivan!
    Great video!
    Thanks for upload 🙂

  9. Agreed! 🙂

  10. efren always got a smile on his face. Got to luv him.

  11. tony robles is one of he top players in the world or mika immonnen. Efren is one of the greatest players to joint a cue. He is at least top 5 dead or alive, if not the best ever.

  12. what? hahaha.. that’s Efren Reyes man, he IS Pool…

  13. dude, that is Efren Reyes a Philipino and arguably one of the top players in the world

  14. that guy tony is playing looks well dodgy. is he a suicide bomber or sumthink

  15. Tony Drago is the best ever . from Matthias Mallia

  16. yer mamma so dumb she brought a spoon to the super bowl

  17. huy: yer mamma so dumb she brought a spoon to the super bowl

  18. him and ronnie o sullivan most naturaly talented players ever

  19. Tony is fast!

  20. love watching tony plays pool

  21. it’s a best of 10 racks game

  22. chung gua ren ma? chinese announcers are cool

  23. ive always liked tony drago he is one hell of
    a nice guy, and, thats why he losses when he
    should be winning. he is a genuine happy
    person and loves life.

  24. what you on about? it was added in august u clown. tsk tsk???

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