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English Part 2 of 2

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2. Be sure to watch part 1 first. … pool billiards billiard snooker carom english sidespin side spin cue ball control lesson lessons part two part2

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  1. what is the difference between HIGH ENGLISH and TOP SPIN? any??

  2. so how can u do english wont it verge u from hitting the spot on the rail because i usually like splice or the tip o the stick slides of the cue ball

  3. If you have benefited tell a friend about my videos.

  4. wow thank for your helpfull vid i watched thes two vids 10 times and beat my freind with “OMG NOT HUMILY POSIBLE SHOTS” so i want to thank you sooo THANK-YOU, Origoto, Dunka, and so-on and so-on.

  5. fessan and i have the same problem. hope you will give us the solution on this as soon as possible. more power forcefollow !

  6. i have the same trouble with fessfan. can u explain the techniques better. more power buddy !

  7. How do you do english yet keep the ball straight when you shoot it. I get trouble with it. It’s killer.

  8. and where exactly can I get that?

  9. You are awesome!!!. I learnt a lot just by watching your pool. Keep up your excellent work

  10. why is it when i do english ( or attempt ) it either goes straight on with little side sweep . or it goes flying off to the side? why is it like people can get it to swerve like massively? like curve round a ball if your snookered for instance? i can never do that, is it a slower speed but more english?

  11. yr videos are quite addictive…i went through lots of of paradigm shifts..while learning from yr videos…grt job….few hv the passion to spread gained knowledge….

  12. Its an olhausen reno with 860 simonis. I paid around 2100 for it, but that included shipping, tax and installation. I would recommend a diamond, brunswick or olhausen. you can buy a good used one in good shape for half of what you can a new one.

  13. oh ic i am only 15 and i can run out an 8 ball game-once in a while lol. i only go to the billiard hall once a week. how much was that table you bought for it looks really professional

  14. I am 32 but i didn’t start playing until i was 25.

  15. hey your really good at explaining and very good play i been watching your videos. im just wondering how old you are because i want to compare you to how i play for my age

  16. These videos help a lot, thank you so much!

  17. it would be easier to mark the spot where you should make contact with the object ball on stripes… that’s about it

  18. is it just me or is it easier to sink strips than solids…. ? i can sink any ball but it Seems easier to sink strips 😛

  19. Nice one buster you’re so right!

  20. obviously unders would be the spots – the lower numbered balls whereas overs are the stripes – the higher numbered balls. im thinking unders is referring to the balls that are ‘under’ or ‘less’ than the 8 ball which would be the spots, overs is the stripes.

  21. hey forcefollow, thanks for this! i always thought english affected the cue ball after the carom, instead of after it hits the rail! this was very educational, and you are a great teacher. keep up the great work, man.

  22. I can’t thank you enough for ur info some of this has really helped me to see where I need work especially about how the english doesn’t affect the cue ball untill after it hits the rail.

  23. i nevered looked at it from that pt., but once again thank u. and im going to practice practice practice until i overcome my struggles. the good thing that u told me was; that i was taking to much at once. my next practice is going to be on focusing on one thing till i master it. like u said

  24. Other than working with a coach the only thing I can reccommend is practice practice practice. It takes years. Work on one drill until you master it. Don’t try to take on too much stuff at once.

  25. hey forcefollow, i always try to go practice and i struggle on my positioning. i use draw, left and rt english. there not good english but i struggle. and i watch ur videos. and what can i do to learn to control my cue better. like landing on a business card. im trying but im struggling

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